Sep 11, 2011

Some thoughts, old and new, re. 9/11


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Hello, good readers, on the tenth anniversary of this sad and tragic day.  Here are two commentaries.  I wrote the first one ten years ago, and stand by what I said at that time.  Following that is a really good present-day commentary by columnist Judy Andreas.  Please read both and please circulate them if you agree.



A Position Paper and Commentary

By Harrell Rhome

[Written 9/13/01]




We offer this article with prayer and concern for the innocent victims of oppression, especially those who had no part in the plans and aims of their leaders.  May God bless the victims of all atrocities -- from Ruby Ridge and Chechnya and Mt. Carmel; all the way to Occupied Palestine (and now, Iraq – and possibly Iran), and sadly but predictably to New York and Washington.  These victims may now rest in peace.  We, however, shall have no peace until significant changes occur in the hearts and minds of Americans and their government, and when justice and fair play become components in our presently misguided and dangerous foreign policies.


Change is inexorable and inevitable. Yesterday and today do not necessarily predict tomorrow.  The status quo is never static; it only seems so.  "Throughout all aspects of human history, great pivotal events have caught most people unaware.  We all tend to become seduced and hypnotized by the status quo.  We inherently extrapolate the present into the future, relying on linear assumptions in a non-linear world.  Because something looks stable today, we usually tend to naturally assume that it will remain the same tomorrow." [Adam Hamilton, Gold Eagle Digest]




Rome, The Eternal World City, c. 475 A.D.  Flavius Marcus Silva and wife, Drucilla were rudely awakened by their servants.  It seems that a barbarian army has, once again, made its way to Rome, but this time, it was more serious.  Over the years, the fierce Goths and Teutons had used horror and terror against the cultured, civilized, urbane Romans.  While they had not (yet) succeeded, they had indeed progressed, though most Romans, absorbed by their grandeur and arrogance, really seemed not to notice, though their slaves had outnumbered them for years, and periodically revolted.  The Romans could not understand this.  After all, they had given the slaves so much.   But while the barbarians had made their way inside, there was little resistance.  The Circus Maximus was open early that morning for the gory games (professional sports and "reality" TV), and many were already making their way there after beginning  the wine-bibbing early, to be followed by several orgy parties.  There was always a party in Rome, and to amuse the blase' Romans, over a dozen gladiators and lions had just arrived from Africa.  Drucilla looked out the window, and was horrified to see smoke from some of the great palaces and temples on the surrounding seven hills.  Great billows of smoke poured forth, and black and red-bearded barbarians were looting and raping women in the streets.  "Where are our Legions (military)," shouted Flavius?  "They are the greatest in the world; they will save us.  Where are the priests and the Pontifex Maximus?  They should defend the temples of our Gods.  Where are our Tribunes (cops and lawyers)?  If they cannot do it, then call out the Praetorian Guard (FBI, special forces, etc.).  But where are they?  And where is the Emperor (currently with the Praetorian guard, hiding at a base in a swamp)?  He will surely come out and reassure us?" 


To make a very long story short, before they knew what had happened, the old world had changed and a new one had arisen while Flavius and Drucilla continued their linear assumptions about the future, that all would go on as before. They did not prepare for the inexorable historical processes of quantum-change.  Nothing but God lasts forever, and the law of give and take manifested itself in the end of an "eternal empire".  Moreover, Rome reaped what had been planted.  How many lives, nations and cultures were violently overrun by the Romans?  How many rival "temples" had they burned and looted?  Did the old Romans ever think of how they really were, and how they really were seen by the ones they dominated and enslaved?  Are we modern-day Romans any more aware?  That Rome was collapsing was either unknown or ignored by most Romans, who blithely pursued their bored, gluttonous  lives.  A few were awake, and even a few prescient ones saw it coming, but no one listened.  Other than military force (Pentagon Temple) and money (Wall Street and WTC Temples), they seemed to have no other response.  How tragic!  The fallacy of linear assumptions brings down entire cultures and societies.


New York, financial and multicultural Capital of the World, September 11, 2001.  I was working to complete an essay about Osama bin Laden "coincidentally" at the time that the twin World Trade Center Towers, hallmark of American mercantilism in the heart of the Wall Street trade and money district, were brought down (allegedly) by a pair of planes.  A short time later, the symbol of America's highly vaunted military might, the Pentagon (or "Pentacle" building), was also struck a severe blow. Great "temples" were destroyed.  While certainly an evil act, the planning and the (albeit perverted) brilliance are undeniable as is the equally unparalleled use of symbols as well as force to make the point, beginning with "911".  The deadly "missiles" themselves were symbolic: from "United" and two from "American".  We could hardly miss the point.  Tens of thousands have died and thousands of others have been maimed, but these scenes are not unfamiliar to most, and we have become a "culture" numb to violence and destruction.  Many movies have portrayed countless disaster scenes (some very similar; remember the aliens hitting on July 4?) in special effects, and if you don't like the pretend violence, you could see the real thing in the repeated senseless bombing of the Iraqi people and the air war of terrorism against the people of Serbia.  Both war crimes were perpetrated on minor powers with no way to strike back.  Both Sadaam and Milosevic were styled as "Hitlers", but we knew that neither could inflict real harm in response to our selfish and immoral acts of ultra-violence.  We all watched the Gulf War and air war against the Serbs with the bored, arrogant air of detachment so characteristic of many Americans.  "Ho hum, that's enough of that, let's watch a cable movie.  I'm bored with all that foreign stuff.  Bomb the s___ out of them,  who cares?  It's just a bunch of towel-heads!"


The status quo is ended.  Why? How?.  As happens to those who inflict pain, terror and horror on others, the dark angel of death has decided to pay us a "courtesy call" (it could have been worse, you know?).  And the "war" didn't just suddenly start on 9/11.  It has been going on for years while we continued our unvarying and completely uncritical support of Israel (Occupied Palestine), therefore being a direct and knowing accomplice to the war crimes of that malevolent ministate.  The attacks have gotten progressively more serious (and effective), but like a giant being attacked by fleas, it barely caused us to miss a single lock-step in our support of the world Zionist land and power-grabbers.  While I've always thought it trite and banal, the ever-popular expression, "what goes around comes around" now takes on a deeper and bizarre new meaning. Furthermore, while I am sure that most Americans will be enraged and out for vengeance and blood, I am also certain that, as usual, they will largely misperceive their targets.  Most will only hate Islamic people even more, further alienating us from most of the rest of the world (who support a free Palestine), and in return, their already fiery hate for us will grow to a white-hot fury.  Americans desire vengeance in spite of any religious lip service paid to Christianity or any other religion, and this will surely be only more intense in the weeks to follow.  Narrow, linear thinking is truly tragic.




The U.S. intelligence budget (for all agencies) is immense, and much larger than what is reported.  For years, we have had a "black budget", supposedly overseen by Congress, but with such as Rep. Gary ("I shave my body") Condit on that committee, who can say?  Not only that, factor in the other NATO nations and the amount each of them spends on intelligence, and the figure must run close to a trillion or more!  And nobody knew?!  Give, me a break!  Even the dumbed-down and apathetic "average American" can (probably) put two and two together here and see that the result can't be explained merely in terms of ignorance ("we didn't know").  IF this were true, then we should impeach (indict?) each member of the congressional intel committees AND go after the bureaucrats in charge of these agencies.  Their incredible incompetence has taken the lives of thousands.  Or is it incompetence?  How can it be that out of all the highly-vaunted intel apparatus of the mighty West did not know about this?  Can Osama bin Laden and company be that good?  The are two possible scenarios, so let's look closely at both.


Scenario A: They really did not know.

In spite of what is said above, it is within the realm of possibility.  For one thing, excluding double agents and "moles", there are only a few Americans and Europeans who can speak and read Arabic at all, much less have the fluency necessary to work undercover or pose as an Islamic person.  Therefore, one of the basic tools of spy craft is not available.  "Hu-mint" (human intelligence assets) are almost completely lacking.  On the other side of this is the "enemy", a loose (but sometimes very tight) coalition of international terrorists reaching from Northern Ireland to Indonesia to Columbia and into the United States with its notoriously porous borders.  The language problem is not nearly as great, especially in a city like New York with people speaking a myriad of accented versions of English.  The simple fact is this: "they" can quite easily infiltrate here while "we" can do little than look on from afar or depend on an unreliable network of informers, double agents and moles who use such a network as a vehicle for an essential and on-going program of planted dis-information.  While we have the upper hand in high-tech stuff like satellite viewing, on the ground our agents don't stand a chance.  Why not, you may say, recruit Arab-Americans and other friendly Arabs to do this for us?  No doubt, we have/are doing that, but this too has its limitations.  For one thing, any traitor to his roots and religion would know that not only he will face a horrible death, but the betrayed ones will probably take out his entire family as well!  So anyone doing this would not only have to be suicidal, but be totally uncaring about his family and friends.  On top of all this, add in the fact that, much more often than not, the U.S. betrays its allies and friends.  Based on our past performances, western governments and intel bureaus are not to be trusted.  Hence, it is possible that they either did not know.  Or, if they did get some hints, they (as often is the case) misinterpreted the data.  Moreover, add in the arrogance and egotism of many "spy-guys", and you can see how this could happen.  Or not!  Hence....


Scenario B: They knew and let it happen.

Osama bin Laden has always given some kind of warning of his attacks as was discovered after the near-sinking of the USS Cole.  These warnings are probably part of an early activation system of his network and to alert like-minded groups and individuals to be ready, and to stay out of the way.  Did highly secretive NSA and the (lesser known and even more secretive) National Reconnaissance Agency not have at least some warning?  Under this scenario, and given that previous warnings were received, there must have been something.  Of course, as they say, "hindsight is always 20-20 vision", so it may be that they did, indeed, pick up a hint or two, but did not know what to do with it as such "warnings" are quite vague and cryptic.  Some say this happened in the OKC bombing: that McVeigh was either a government agent or (more likely) that he did do (at least some of) the bombing, and the FBI was monitoring the matter, which got out of hand.  This is how DEA, BATF and FBI (and all sorts of Fed) "stings" work.  They "string you along"; they do not bust you on the first or the second or even third or fourth drug buys (or arms or whatever), but only when they have built a solid, airtight case, and (the main reason) until the target has revealed all the contacts and other information that he or she can.  If this was the OKC scenario, one can see how foreknowledge of this behavior could be used against the Feds.  In other words, while they are waiting for you to reveal just one more big contact or bring in a big delivery of whatever, you go ahead and pull something off on another front, or launch your operation when they do not expect it.  These are not secrets.  Read books and other accounts of cases, and this method is easily found.


But this begs the question of just exactly why "they" would do this.  The old question of Cui bono? (to whose benefit?) seems an apt legal investigative principle to apply.  Israel and its pro-Zionist "amen corner" in the U.S. will certainly benefit.  After all, we now know how the Israelis feel after a disco or whatever is blown up.  So we will sympathize, then, even more with their cause, which, in reality, is at the heart of this whole problem.  But watch and see.  This will surely (at least to a large degree anyway) have this result.  A further benefit will occur for our One-World Planners.  They have already succeeded in militarizing both the tactics and the minds and attitudes of our police forces at almost all levels.  We saw this before the Oklahoma City bombing, but it took another quantum leap after that.  Now, anytime a citizen is stopped you are seen as a "security risk".  And quite frankly, if you're black or from the Middle East or Mexico -- or maybe if you are a vocal patriot-nationalist – you are even more suspect, and could fall victim (as have a growing number) to "friendly fire".  The "Drug Wars" have certainly contributed to this as well, but we'll look at that in later essay.  So then, such a catastrophic event as Oklahoma City and now New York and Washington,  will no doubt have many calling for more police and more military spending.  And there is a third result that benefits those who are carrying out a fantastically successful gradual revolution to discredit our early founders and eventually displace and replace our constitution.  Sadly, most of it has already eroded away, but the principles still stand.  At least, until they are replaced in the interests of "national security" and the "safety of our citizens".  Hence, dissidents, those who speak out against such things will be subject to no First Amendment protections because there won't be a First Amendment or a Fifth or any other.  They might still be on paper, but "expediency" will have overridden them completely.  If you don't know of whom I speak, dear readers, please realize that it is, yes, those of us who speak out publicly.  But that's just the ones in the first wave of repression.  The second part will be directed at those who read and circulate and speak out in your own communities.  Can't happen here?  That's what they said on Wall Street and at the Pentagon on 9/11 day!



Revisionist Attorney and "Eagle" reader Anita E. Belle submits this interesting speculation as to impending World Court cases against the U.S. and C.I.A.  for Genocide, and we already know that Ariel Sharon ("Butcher of Beirut") has a case pending as well.  Belle lists a number of other such potentially embarrassing and far-reaching legal actions which will be circumvented by the 9/11 events.  In addition, she itemizes several case connections with Florida.


[Fax from Atty. Anita E. Belle, 12 September 2001.]  "Coincidence?  Hijacking suspects are located in Florida, the state in which the president's brother is governor, the state in which the C.I.A. [drug trafficking] cases are consolidated, the state whose contested votes placed George W. Bush in the presidency, and the state in which George W. Bush was visiting when the "terrorist?" attack took place."[1]  As of 12 September, we know Florida was also the site a flight training school used by some of the terrorists.  (Send an SASE for full press release.) 

But, back to our speculation: did "they" know?  Well, if they didn't really know anything at all, and if this is reflective of our  intel assets, we are really in "it" up to our necks!



This seems an appropriate point to reflect on what they did do.  Bush II disappeared, touching ground in the Louisiana swamps long enough to record a short video address.  This wasn't a bad idea, though coming direct from Air Force One or some other "power center" would have seemed more appropriate.  But when they began to run the tape, it took at least three attempts to get the video feed right!  So we see Bush Baby start to say something, but we are left (at least three times) with a squiggly, distorted image that, if you thought enough about it, was thoroughly frightening!  Then, no one else comes out of hiding to speak.  I thought Rumsfeld was dead in the Pentagon until they finally trotted him out – to say practically nothing!  Where is brave and stalwart Gen. Colin Powell, "hero of the Gulf (Bush Oil) War?  Wouldn't that have comforted and reassured some?  Where was the head of the CIA to assure us they would track down the perpetrators and that, even now, they were hot on the trail?  But we saw none of them, except for, finally, a brief clip of Ashcroft.  Instead, we see James Baker, Lawrence Eagleburger, Warren Christopher and other assorted voices from the past.  Since, our "leaders" are still assuming that they can proceed as they have before, a deadly linear assumption! As readers know, I detested and abhorred the Clinton regime, but one thing I do believe is that, despite "zipper problems", he would have gotten on the air and addressed the American people.  There, readers, I finally said it – something good about Bill Clinton! 




What is behind all of this?  The United States of America is largely under the control of a pro-Zionist cabal, which some call a "Z.O.G.", i.e., Zionist Occupation Government.  When we look at our blind and stubbornly unyielding support of the Israeli ministate (Occupied Palestine) and its particularly heinous versions of state terrorism toward the Palestinians, is it any surprise that we are blamed as well?  Is it any surprise that America, who are the enablers of Israel, are hated as well?  The Israelis practice assassination, return deadly machine gun fire in the face of rocks and sticks, kill and burn old people and children in their homes, creating the same climate of fear and terror that we now know here at home after 9/11.  Without our aiding and abetting policies and money, the Israeli pirate ministate would never be able to continue to practice this political terrorism in the face of world opposition.  If it were not for the U.S., Israel would be forced to make a reasonable peace.  If it were not for the U.S., many nations of the world would long ago have boycotted and embargoed the ministate if it had maintained the same arrogant inflexible stance.  Sadly, then, it is little wonder that we are hated by many.  Add to this our incredible public ignorance and apathy and arrogance, and we have a situation which was/is exploited to the fullest by this cabal of conspirators.  And this is not all.  For one reason or another (we shall speculate later), we also trained, equipped and financed this "terror network" ourselves a generation ago in Afghanistan.  So we not only reap the wind from our misbegotten and ill-conceived foreign polices, we also reap the whirlwind that has arisen from seeds we ourselves planted years ago in Afghanistan.


What is happening?  Why have these terrors come to our homeland?  Who is responsible?  What can we do?  Look in the mirror!  It's us!  It is we who have allowed a religio-political cult (Zionism) to gain control of our government.  This is a One-World-Government cult that ruthlessly and relentlessly stifles or destroys almost every strong voice opposing them.  The Zionist Cabal and its sympathizers own and/or control almost all media, the only real exception being the Internet, and that too may not be far off.  Without going into a great amount of detail and background material, it is clear that this/ cabal is deeply entrenched not only in politics, but also controls the money as well.  The 9/11 Strike can be seen as a two-pronged direct attack against Wall Street "capitalism" and all it symbolizes and at our "imperial legions" whose might makes the whole thing possible.  With all of this in perspective, it is not so hard to see why a large portion of the world's citizens celebrated 9/11 Day in the streets.  While I can never defend such hideous ultra-violence, neither can I defend, support and ignore the hurt, pain, misery and death "our" government has perpetrated during and since World War II! 

IN THIS "WAR", CAN WE DEFEAT THE ENEMY?  Defeat The enemy?  We can barely find him or precisely identify him.  Some of the myriad of talking heads (a.k.a. "counter-terrorism experts") even said such stupid things as, "we must have more human intelligence ("Hu-mint")" and "we must put more resources into infiltrating their cells."  Anyone who follows any of this closely sees that we not only have a mere handful of agents who can function in Arabic (or Farsi or Urdu), and none of them are candidates to infiltrate, being mostly scholarly types.  Terrorist assets are profiled as young, from poorer families, faced with unemployment and little money, dedicated to Islam, and always referred after screening through an at-first informal network, progressively getting deeper scrutiny before acceptance.  Even if ethnically one of their own, the would-be suicide warrior would have to face this same scrutiny.  So this is virtually impossible, then, right?  Well, yes, but.... We might  pull off a successful infiltration if our agent is as at least as dedicated as those he would infiltrate, and more importantly, if our agent were willing to offer his life for the U.S., NATO, the Bush Oil Boys, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, the Federal Reserve, and the "American Way of Life".  And he would have to be dedicated to and revere his leader as do the ones he would infiltrate.  He can have the beady-eyed visage of Bush II in his mind as his risks his life, facing torture and mutilation before death if caught.  Hurry now, volunteers.  They're just waiting for one like you down at Langley.


And, yes, readers, Osama bin Laden DID warn us – over four years ago,  directly and honestly  in 1998 to ABC reporter John Miller.  In it, he refers to the earlier bomb attempt at the World Trade Center.  Please listen very closely.


"So we tell the Americans as people, and we tell the mothers of soldiers and American mothers in general that if they value their lives and the lives of their children, to find a nationalist government that will look after their interests and not the interests of the Jews.  The continuation of tyranny will bring the fight to America as Ramzi Yousef and others did.  This is my message to the American people: to look for a serious government that looks out for their interests and does not attack others, their lands, or their honor. 


And my word to American journalists is not to ask why, but ask what their government has done that forced us to defend ourselves.     


It is our duty to lead people to the light." 

[Thanks to revisionist researcher, writer,  and "Eagle" reader Mark Farrell for sending this information via e-mail.]


Wake up ! How many more must die before the policies of a power-mad elite of old men and women who, as "illumined ones" (Illuminati), those "brighter" and more "enlightened" than the rest of us, those who never die for their beliefs, those who profit from all wars, are recognized and exposed to the "average" person?  Listen, my readers, listen well – this is exactly what "they" fear the most – that the "people" catch on to their scams and rackets.  And that is why publications like this one are disrespected and downgraded by "their" media and academia. 


Wake up !  You've been asleep, oh, much too long, and it's almost too late!  Don't send your children to die in a war for racketeers.  Don't place yourself and everyone else in danger of bombs and death to defend the pseudo-rights of what is essentially a cabalistic coven of land-grabbing Turko-Khazar Bolshevist thugs in a land (Palestine) that was never theirs!  Let them face their own problems as do real nation-states. 


Wake up !  How many "9/11 calls" do you need ? 



Should we surrender to these forces and change our entire foreign policy out of fear and cowardice?  No, I could never do that.  Capitulation solely from fear can only engender more attacks, so any crucial policy changes must be carefully thought out and implemented.  Just announcing a gradual end to aid to Israel would force the coven of thugs into negotiating in the give and take among real nations.  In return for a gradual phase-out, they should officially give up any claims based on their sham-claim to be a "favored folk".  With new policies in place, the USA would not so much withdraw from the middle east, but for the first time, we would perhaps be able (along with Europe) to be an "honest broker" of peace and justice and freedom for all.  Not only this, our entire aggressive arrogant assuming asinine policy-making system must be thoroughly rebuilt in order to take our rightful place among nations.  A "superpower" is just another word for a big, stupid bully.  This is what we have become – Americans must demand a "new age", a "new reformation", a devolution back 1776 (this ended in 1865) -- all these things and more, but surely we can all agree that there certainly must be some very radical changes implemented.  Make no "bones" about it; it will be a hard road, but it leads to honesty and truth, so how hard, really, can it be?  And, no, hear me very clearly -- this should not be done out of fear, but out of a sense of fairness and honesty that is supposed to characterize our once great nation and its policies.  When they are subverted by cliques and conspiracies (special interest groups and PACs), there is no justice.  To conclude then, as the Left so likes to say, "without justice there is no peace".


"As night does not come at once, neither does oppression.  In both instances, there is a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness"                                              Justice William O. Douglas



911 Is Still A Cry For Help

By Judy Andreas


As 9/11 comes barreling back into view, my mind is flooded with the questions that still remain. We sat in the Conference Room, our eyes riveted to the TV monitor. Some of my colleagues were sniffling, others were crying softly. Occasionally an angry statement could be heard. Over and over again we watched the World Trade Center footage. Over and over again, the newscasters cemented their version of reality into our stunned psyches. It was September 11, 2001, the day the music died. Something was terribly wrong. It was more than the film that unfolded in front of my eyes. It was more than the words of the newscasters talking about the fact that we were under siege. It was more than the threat of never ending terrorism. The television screamed the official story, yet the voices in my head muted the words. Something was terribly wrong. My feeling of disbelief was palpable. Sitting in that room of mourners on that sorrowful day, I was having a solitary experience. Questions begged for answers. How could our sophisticated system have gone awry? How could everything that had previously worked flawlessly, suddenly simultaneously failed? How could a small group of Arabs with boxcutters have thrown the whole nation into a tailspin? Most of the people, if not all of the people, in the Conference Room had never heard of Payne Stewart. They did not know the story of the golfer whose private Learjet had lost contact with the air traffic controllers. They did not know that when the golfer's jet failed to respond to air traffic controller communications, F-16 interceptors were quickly dispatched. According to an Air Force timeline, a series of military planes provided an emergency escort to Payne's stricken Learjet starting about 20 minutes after contact with his plane was lost. Later I learned that the Miami Herald talked to air traffic controllers who said they could not understand why there was no reaction to what was happening in the skies the morning of September 11, 2001. Why was there no reaction from the Federal Aviation Administration and the military? "That's a question that more and more people are going to ask," one controller in Miami told the Herald. Are more and more people asking that question? Are more and more people asking any questions? "They attacked us because they hate our freedom." The President's eyes darted back and forth as he mouthed the words. It could have been a laughable comment. It was certainly a ludicrous comment. It could have been funny if I hadn't seen people jumping hundreds of feet to their death. It could have been funny if thousands of people hadn't lost their lives on that infamous day. I wanted to ask him why they didn't fly planes into Amsterdam, after all, they have more freedom than we do. I wanted to ask him why they didn't cripple a nuclear reactor. I wanted to ask him why he was lying to us. Each day as the story unfolded, another alternative website pointed to another anomaly in the official story. Had a plane really hit the Pentagon? The size of the hole in its supposed wake left room for doubt. Was it physically possible for the Towers to collapse as stated, or was it controlled demolition? Were there explosives in the World Trade Center? Could burning jet fuel initiate structural damage within the towers? Why was Building 7 pulled? Could a cell phone call be made on a plane? Why was the Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, told not to fly on that date? Why was the rubble from the buildings hauled off without a proper investigation? Wonderful books kept flying off the shelves of the alternative press. And yet, the mainstream media stuck with the official story. It could have been the Kennedy Assasination(s). It could have been TWA Flight 800. It could have been Oklahoma City or Waco. I had visited this place before. It was difficult to breathe with the stench of deception in the air. Although movies have always been a passion of mine, I have tried to be discerning about time spent in the cinema. And yet, as the days grew into months, I was trapped in the theater of the absurd mainstream media, forced to watch a poorly crafted film about the events on September 11. Such props as Mohammed Atta's passport placed pristinely on the set cried out for a director's intervention. Who put the Korans in the vehicle near the scene of the crime? How did we immediately know it was Osama bin Laden who had designed the events of September 11, 2001? How did we immediately know the name of the 19 highjackers? Why were some of them showing up alive and well and safe in distant ports of call? Why couldn't we locate Osama bin Laden, a 6 foot 5 man on dialysis? It was not like misplacing ones keys. Mr. Bush said "If you're not with us, you're with the terrorists." My questions subjected me to words like "traitor." My questions subjected me to ridicule and jokes about tinfoil hats. "If you don't like this country...get the hell out." Could anyone know how deeply I loved this country? Could anyone know the heart of an idealist who was once again being sickened by another lie? Could anyone know how much I treasured life? The dinner of deception had been placed on the public table and people were devouring it. Once more I had strayed from the herd unable to graze on the lies and distortions that had been specially prepared for the flock. I sat in a lonely place. On September 11th, 2004, I attended a conference in New York City called "Confronting the Evidence" My friends and I arrived at the Manhattan Center at 7:00, a full hour before the program. The streets were already full. The Manhattan Center probably holds 1000 people and yet there were additional hundreds outside hoping for cancellations. This was a very good sign. Recently a Zogby poll had stated that over 40% of New Yorkers did not believe the official story of the events that transpired on September 11, 2001. Many felt that the 9/11 Commission was nothing more than a whitewash. The evening was hosted by Ed Begley, Jr and co-hosted by Jamey Hecht. The presenters included such notables as Jenna Orkin, World Trade Center Environmental Organization, Kristina Borjesson, author of Into the Buzzsaw, Dr. Robert Bowman, USAF Colonel (retired) president, Institute for Space and Security Studies, Paul Thompson, author of The Terror Timeline, Christopher Scheer, journalist, Los Angeles Times, John Prados, journalist, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Karl Schwarz, chief executive of Global Axxess, Jeff King, M.S, physician and engineer, Webster Tarpley author of The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush (Sr.) , Christopher Bollyn, The American Free Press, Tom Gordon, 9/11 Science and Justice Alliance, David Von Kleist, host of The Power Hour and director of the film "911 In Plane Site" and Barrie Zwicker, filmmaker, "The Great Conspiracy" The evening began with a brief but heart wrenching film called 'A Tribute to the Fallen" by Mike Berger. Next, Jenna Orkin, for the World Trade Center Environmental Organization, talked about the cover-up of the air poisoning at Ground Zero, the asbestos, mercury and lead that had been released into the air. The EPA lied to the American people and told them that the air was safe to breathe, even allowing the White House to edit their press releases. And since then, over half of our heroes have begun manifesting respiratory problems. There are firefighters who can no longer work and, as a preview of what's in store for us, 14 rescue dogs have died. The Bush administration was more concerned with opening Wall Street then with the safety of the first responders and the American People. A segment from the film "Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American the Empire " produced by the Media Education Foundation, was shown. This led to a discussion of the Project for a New American Century, known as PNAC, a document that had been crafted in Sept of the year 2000 which, in essence, was a plan for increasing defense spending, preemptive action and use of military force and domination. The creators of PNAC were the same neocons that are running the Bush administration, including the brains behind the plan, Paul Wolfowitz. This project included regime change in Iraq as a central element. The originators of the plan, realized that the American populace would not allow this to happen unless there was an event of catastrophic proportion "A New Pearl Harbor"

9/11 was THAT event. Webster Tarpley gave a superb talk. Mr. Tarpley has a book that will be released in October called 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism Myth of the Twenty-first Century. This book explores the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 as an example of state-sponsored, false-flag terrorism, carried out by a rogue network within the US government - a rogue network which is the current form of the invisible government behind the Iran-contra scandal of 1986-88. Because of the constraints of time, Mr. Tarpley could only touch briefly on the roles of patsies, moles, expert professionals, the controlled corporate media and a privatized command center, as he showed how the empirical evidence around 9/11 made sense. Tarpley demonstrated that the official accounts of the Pentagon crash, the fall of the Twin Towers, the fall of WTC 7, and the crash of United 93 in Shanksville are physically impossible, and the idea that "four misfit highjackers" could pilot commercial jets is beyond the bounds of physical and technical reality. Another dynamic presenter was Dave Von Kleist who showed a portion of his film "9/11 in Plane Site." Through the use of actual television news footage and eye witness testimony, Mr. Von Kleist presented a most compelling argument disputing the official story on many fronts. Why is there no wreckage or crater from Flight 77 on the lawn of the Pentagon and how does a plane 125 ft wide and 155 ft. long fit into a hole which is only 16 ft across. Von Kleist's footage showed a "pod" attached to the bottom of "Flight 175" and questioned the reason for its presence. Why did an eye witness report seeing no windows on Flight 175 a commercial United Airlines jetliner? Why were there dozens of reports of bombs and explosions going off around the World Trade Center before any buildings collapsed? These are just a few of the myriad questions asked in Mr. Von Kleists remarkable documentary, a film that should replace Michael Moore's meager attempt. Karl Schwarz, chief executive of Global Axxess, talked about the Bi-Partisan nature of the elements responsible for the 9/11 tragedy. Mr. Schwarz said that if he had the time, he could have shown a 30 minute power point presentation that has already convinced 30,000 Conservative Republicans not to vote for Bush/Cheney. On a humorous note, Mr. Schwarz told the crowd that he had become a Republican because of Bill and Hillary and had now become an Independent because of the Bush Administration. A small clip from a film called The Collapse of WTC 7, a film by SGTV, was shown. It really crystallized the case that WTC7 was PULLED. The evening was ambitious and the program was complete, including presenters that spanned the political spectrum. Regrettably, I will not be able to do justice to all the speakers and certainly will not be able to communicate the electricity in the room. People were not always in accord, but they were able to give voice to their positions The event posed more questions than answers but these were important questions, questions which needed to be asked. When I left that wonderful evening on September 11, 2004, I was filled with hope. Sure, we did not all agree on everything, but was that a necessary component for our working together to uncover the truth? Yes, there were some egos that were larger than the event itself, but isn't that to be expected in the world of personalities? If we all had the same goal, couldn't we band together in deference to the old adage "there's strength in numbers." It has been nearly four years since the planes flew into the towers. Has any progress been made? The mainstream media continues to ridicule the truth seekers. The mainstream media continues having the audacity to print bogus articles in such magazines as Popular Mechanics. It shies away from interviews with authors who have published well researched and well documented books on the subject of 9/11. Perhaps the mainstream media realizes that it is no match for the truth. After all, how loud can Sean Hannity yell? As the days grow into years, my sphere becomes increasingly populated with others who share a commitment to the truth. The Internet has brought a vast assortment of like minded people into my world. I will be eternally grateful to this global telephone. Those I have met have provided a "net" to catch me from falling into the abyss of despair. Everyday people may sense something is wrong but they prefer to chase it quickly from their thoughts; feeding their families, making a living and watching television are their rituals and routines for survival. I cannot fault them. I cannot hit them over the head with my "two by four" of Judytruth. I cannot evangelize them into the 9/11 movement. This is something I have slowly learned over the past several years. This is something I am still learning. Will we ever uncover the truth about September 11, 2001? Please do not expect a Hollywood ending from my pen. Should we give up? A resounding "NO." We owe this much to the victims of 9/11, their families and future generations of American Judy Andreas.



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