Sep 21, 2011

Texas Executed an Innocent Person


Tonight on MSNBC Barry Scheck (the Innocence Project) recalled how during the Florida Recount, George W. Bush ignored a DNA test that actually cleared a Texas deathrow inmate of murder, but Dubya killed him anyway. Scheck spoke of how he had been trying to get this single hair tested - the sole piece of damning evidence - how Scheck finally got the hair tested (fighting Texas guvmint red tape) and the testshowed it wasn't the defendant's hair, but the victim's hair instead. George W. Bush had him executed anyway.

Texas Executed an Innocent Person

Dear Rick Perry: We have not forgotten what you did. Before his execution, Todd Willingham said, "Please don't ever stop fighting to vindicate me." On October 22, 2011 we will remind the nation about Rick Perry's role in the execution of Todd Willingham and his Richard Nixon-like interference in the investigation of the Willingham case by the Texas Forensic Science Commission at the 12th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty at the Texas Capitol in Austin. We invite everyone to attend the march and rally.

Sign the petition to urge Rick Perry to acknowledge that Todd Willingham was wrongfully executed.

Cameron Todd Willingham & Family

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