Jul 31, 2014

والد الطفل الشهيد "أبو ناموس" : "اصحى بابا جبتلك لعبة" العدوان على غزة ...

A Powerful "Open Letter to the President of the United States of America"

Dear John, your decency and sense of decorum may preclude your routing this document (provided via a friend) to your DRs, but I was struck by its straightforward rightness!

I was pleased recently that you referred to Netanyahu’s “madness.” Mr. Santomauro refers to the Zionist entity’s “sickness.” I insist that the problem is one of an all-encompassing criminal psychosis with all the symptoms attaching thereto. We need to include this line of medical thinking/analysis/diagnosis in every communication and at every opportunity.

If I had one wish that could be fulfilled, I’d like that one of my heroes, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, might be given, and take, the opportunity to endorse the open letter in ringing, Christian-pastor-oriented terms.

Best regards, Bob

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