Sep 11, 2014

Fred Leuchter in hindsight!

From: Friedrich Paul Berg 
Date: Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 3:24 PM
Subject: Fred Leuchter in hindsight!

By focusing attention on the alleged homicidal Nazi gas chambers, Fred Leuchter did something enormously valuable. How many others, even among revisionists, would have ever been so brazen and bold as to actually knock chunks of wall and stucco from supposed gas chambers in communist Poland? Leuchter also stimulated further serious work by many others such as myself, Germar Rudolf, Tom Kues, Carlo Mattogno and many others. But when Leuchter generalizes to claim that mass gassings are categorically impossible under any circumstances, anywhere, ever--he goes far beyond his own extremely specialized and limited grasp of technology and reality. He also undermines nearly everyone else. Why bother with any further research at all when Faurisson and Leuchter have already solved everything for us? Just repeat Faurisson's nine-word challenge as a kind of mantra. Did any of the courts in which Leuchter testified for Zuendel believe his claims? Of course, not!

Leuchter has become a Pied Piper to nowhere just like Robert Faurisson has on all technical issues. By insisting that mass gassings are IMPOSSIBLE, they both undermine the real research that is still needed into questions like where were railroad gas chambers actually located in addition to places I identified thirty years ago--before anyone heard of Leuchter. Warsaw, perhaps? Malkinia? Maidanek? Minsk? Brest-litovsk? Or, even the railyard at Birkenau itself? If not, why not? Those issues should be the focus of some funding and real research--and not the absurdities of "impossible gassings" that any sane person knows are not impossible at all. The claim of Leuchter that "Mass Gassings of people with anything are impossible!" is I-N-S-A-N-E ! There is no nice way to massage the issue. There is no happy, middle-of-the-road way to respond to such craziness. I wish there were some happy way to tell the necessary truth--but I am not smart enough to figure that one out. Sorry, folks!

Friedrich Paul Berg
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Nazi Gassings Never Happened! Niemand wurde vergast!

There were NO "limited gassings." There were NO homicidal Nazi Gassings at all!
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The Holocaust story is a hoax because 1) no one was killed by the Nazis in gas chambers, 2) the total number of Jews who died in Nazi captivity is miniscule compared to what is alleged.


Michael Santomauro said...

From: Fredrick Toben
Sent: Aug 31, 2014 4:09 PM
To: 'fred1' , 'Friedrich Paul Berg'

Thanks for this Fred –
It’s just sad that David Cole began the attack that Fritz is now following through with – and that just doesn’t make sense unless he has some ulterior motive or just cannot understand the argument, which I doubt.
I personally never saw a reason to insult those with whom i disagreed because such primitive reaction never helps to solve the problems that confront us.
In any case, stating that you are arrogant, as Fritz does, reveals more about Fritz’s mindset than your apparent deficiency.
I think he is being autobiographical when he makes those wild claims, below, because Holocaust Revisionism is doing well – quite well!
Best wishes.
Fredrick Toben

From: fred1 []
Sent: Monday, 1 September 2014 6:53 AM


You need to Quote people properly! You also should not take people out of context. I am not sure what you mean by "hard on" except you seem to have one for myself and the real Revisionists. I will be more than happy to debate you any time and any place as soon as you bring your educational level up the point where you are qualified. You need a Degree in Execution Technology or the equivalent certification by several Court Systems. But, by that time there will be no need for a debate because you will have had your epiphany and know better. Perhaps you might even apologize to myself, Mr. Zundel, Mr. Faurisson and Mr. Toben and anyone else you have libeled or slandered. By the way, proof positive of what happens in Mass Gassings is in WWI, the wind would reverse and the gas would execution the Gassers (Executioners). The S.S. was not that stupid.

See you after you have re-educated yourself!

Thank you,


Michael Santomauro said...

On 8/30/2014 8:18 PM, Fredrick Toben wrote:
Fritz won’t let go now – what now?

From: Friedrich Paul Berg

To Fred Leuchter and many other readers,

"It will not work..Mass Gassings of people with anything are impossible! ..It cannot be done." That is at least a straight answer of sorts from Fred Leuchter to my "Sanity Test" question. Finally, we have an answer from him after lots of back and forth.

But, is it a good answer? Will it answer the insistent claims of Jews about mass gassings? Hardly! Can we simply respond to them, or anyone, by simply telling them that Fred Leuchter says: "It will, not work?" Of course, not!.

"Questioning" Leuchter's claims is an entirely normal response to extraordinary claims like his. And what is his "evidence," if any at all? Is he really an "engineer" to begin with, or merely someone who claims he is an "engineer." Although I hardly bring it up ever, I happen to be a real engineer with an academic degree in "engineering," Class of 1965, Columbia University and many years of professional work as an engineer. My degree was in mining engineering--not just "English" or whatever Leuchter got his B.A. in. Did Leuchter ever get a "professional engineer" license? When I last met him, he had not. He was nearly laughed out of court in Malden, Massachusetts twenty years ago for his insistence up to that time that he was an "engineer."

People who know anything at all about mining KNOW that any underground mine is also a gas chamber in which thousands of people at a time may be gassed to death if the ventilation fails, or if there is an explosion, or a roof collapse, or a sudden release of methane, or whatever--and it actually happens from time to time. In other words, mass gassings do happen--so, Leuchter is WRONG already on that point. Any mining engineer's task is to prevent such gassings. Should "execution procedures" be required reading and study for mining engineers or mine inspectors? Did the soldiers in the trenches of WW1 study "execution procedures" before they gassed each other to death by the thousands?

Leuchter even wrote below: " I am sorry to be so hard on, but there is no such thing as a 'B-i-g gas chamber!' Even the German Technology of the NAZis was not that good." So hard on, really! Since Leuchter cannot even read German, how would he know? Was Leuchter even aware that 60,000 railroad cars were fumigated at the Texas-Mexico border every year for decades in really big gas chambers? COOKOO!

The arrogance and mindlessness that Leuchter has revealed over just the last few days is a profound shock to me. "Holocaust Revisionism" is in big trouble if we cannot get past such utter fools. Faurssion was bad enough. I might have been more than willing to let things slide if Leuchter had not insisted that I could not even "q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n" him about execution procedures or equipment. That he will ever DEBATE me on radio seems so unlikely.

Friedrich Paul Berg

Michael Santomauro said...

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From: fred1
Sent: Aug 30, 2014 2:49 PM

I have already told you. It will not work. No matter how many times you ask me It does not change. Mass Gassings of people with anything are impossible! We can mass execute thousands of bugs, but not people. You cannot seem to understand that. It cannot be done.

I remember, when I was at College, in Biology, we had the nicest little Jewish Girl in our lab group. No matter what the instructor said she asked why. He had gone as far as he could go. He told her that her questions were like "why does the sun come up every morning".
She did not want the astronomical answer she wanted the philosophical one. God made it happen. He was Jewish and he told her she needed to talk to her Rabbi. I think I must tell you the same. I am an Engineer and a Technician. I am not a Philosopher or a Clergyman. I am sorry. Study execution procedures and equipment. Then we will talk.


On 8/30/2014 5:25 PM, Friedrich Paul Berg wrote:
Dear Fred Leuchter,

So, what is your answer? What is your answer to my simple question about railroad delousing gas chambers and their possible use, not just for zapping bugs--but people? Try to make your "expertise" relevant--if you really have any.

Do you agree with me that railroad delousing gas chambers could have been e-a-s-i-l-y used to commit mass murder by the Nazis?

-----Original Message-----
From: fred1
Sent: Aug 30, 2014 1:50 PM
To: Friedrich Paul Berg
Subject: Re: The Nazis had really B-i-g gas chambers!


I'll say this once and I hope you understand it. I an not an expert on delousing chambers. I never claimed to be! I am an expert on execution chambers. I build things that kill PEOPLE not BUGS! There is no comparison. Don't try! Because the Holocaust lie deals with extermination of people, people like yourselves study a bug zapper and think they are an expert on killing people. Fred Tobin (being an academician) calls this Sophistry. I call it Mental Masturbation. No matter what you call it you cannot mix Apples and Oranges. I am sorry I have to respond in this manner but you make it necessary. Forget the bugs. Study execution procedures. Then you may understand what I am talking about! At least I may be better able to explain it to you if you have a better background. I am sorry to be so hard on, but there is no such thing as a " B-i-g gas chamber!" Even the German Technology of the NAZis was not that good. Please, Fritz, let it go!