Jan 21, 2015

World Famous Jewish Artist Endorses: "Debating The Holocaust" by Thomas Dalton

World Famous Jewish Artist Endorses: "Debating The Holocaust" by Thomas Dalton

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Famous? Not so much. Marvel Comics artist? Yes, that’s me.

Impressed as I was with the Debating the Holocaust book, I wrote my short email the day I finished reading it. My email only begins to express the respect I have for the tasteful handling of the subject. Even the ‘entirely appropriate sarcastic jabs’ we were warned about in the intro, I found to be just that, entirely appropriate, as well as apt.

I am not a confirmed revisionist either, but feel honor bound to examine evidence, or lack thereof, of any so-called traditional history, the stuff of which our consensus reality is made. 
Lately I’ve come to considering myself somewhat of a consensus reality revisionist. That goes for history, and religion as well.

Your friendly neighborhood Gringo Hebrew,

Alan W.
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Are you the famous Marvel Comics artist?

On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 6:51 AM, Alan Weiss <> wrote:

for Thomas Dalton,PH.D

   Just finished the book, Debating the Big H. It had come highly recommended by a close friend. I found it very even handed, as he'd said it was. Also very clear, concise, and compartmentalized to prevent drowning in devastating detail. Not easy , in dealing with such a difficult and multi-faceted subject, to avoid becoming hopelessly mired in the necrographic lists and statistics. Those can soon become holocaustic, burning your brain.
     Instead, Dalton describes strongly but simply where he stands, with no over dramatization. The epilogue delivered a solid and sane summation. All things considered, a courageous book.
     This is not to say the lists, graphs, and comparative columns of necessary stats went unappreciated. They stand as easily accessed reference.
     Not the most pleasurable reading, but given the grim subject, I can't imagine how it could have been better handled. 
     All things considered, a powerful and most courageous book.

Thank You,

Alan Weiss

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Stanley Workman said...

Check out the Cleveland artist being hailed as the daVinci of this, the digital age, Marc Breed. Creator of the psychedelic peace symbol, male exotic dance pioneer, filmmaker to two of the highest grossing adult films of all-time, civil and first amendment rights advocate, and if that weren't enough, he readily admits to having escaped from one of America's most secure prisons (his golem remains in the prisons archive).And to boot, he has a testedI.Q. Of 152. And most amazingly, a former Satmir Hassid.