Jun 6, 2016

When I Met Muhammad Ali

June 6, 2016

When I met Muhammad Ali 
by Michael Santomauro

Back in the year 1978-1979, I was a travel agent for some of Muhammad Ali's flights on the Concorde from New York to London.

I was 19 years old and Muhammad Ali was one of my idols.

I asked to deliver the ticket instead of our new messenger for the office. 

When I got to Muhammad Ali's location, I was immediately escorted to the conference room by a Cuban woman with a stunning hour glass figure. 

The doorway was extra wide for the two of us to be standing side by side as she interrupted the business meeting: 

"Mr. Ali, there is someone who would like your autograph."

He looks at me and looks at her. Repeats the shifting of his head back to her then to me. Keeps doing this for about 30 seconds and there is total confusion in the room. He finally stops shifting his head and screams at me:

"You're so ugly!"

I was devasted. Everyone was staring at me for my reaction--a very tense moment--then Muhammad Ali waives me over and says " I was just joking " then everyone starts to laugh.  While shaking his hand, I was amazed it was more than twice the size of mine.

Mr. Ali RIP you will be missed.

Michael Santomauro

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thedarkman said...

A genuinely great man. Racially sound too, and then some.