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Yes::)) The activists aboard.. after having been shot at and after having suffered casualties managed to grab the "mighty" Israeli commandos once they landed on the ship.  They then arrested them and disarmed them... and as usual... the "mighty Israeli commandos who are "mighty" only when they are protected by their tanks or Apatches... were sobbing like kids...  exactly as they did during the 2006 war against Lebanon.  Hezbollah even recorded them sobbing, crying and calling for mama..  Of course that never made it to US news:)  The Israeli "commandos" that landed on the Mavi Marmara are supposed to be the elite of the Israeli forces...  not spoiled brats...

What is interesting is that Israel has over 300 cameras with film footage in them covering the Israeli attack from beginning until they landed and the fighting started.  WHY IS ISRAEL HIDING THIS FOOTAGE????????????????????  There were many news correspondents aboard the Flotilla and they all filmed the events...  WHY IS ISRAEL NOT GIVING THEM BACK THEIR CAMERAS AND FOOTAGE??  Israel has no legal claim to this material... and besides, if Israel wants us to believe its ludicrous version of "the story", why doesn't it release the footage which should undoubtedly reflect Israel's words?????????????  Some footage was already released today... in a gesture of good-will in order for Israel to avoid an international investigation which would no doubt reflect the kind of lying-machine Israel is.  The new footage shows the activists fighting the commandos with water hoses...  Are those the "missiles" or heavy weapons Israel claims they used against their "poor" special killing forces?????

Over 700 testimonies contradict Israel... and yet, Israel imagines that the world will believe it.  Israel is collapsing my friend.  The question is who will it take down with it... because Israel will not go down alone.  These people are crazy..

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desertpeace | June 7, 2010 at 19:47 | Categories: Cover Up, Gaza, Israel, Photography, War Crimes | URL: pahWK-3x3

Hurriyet photos of disarmed Israeli commandos receiving medical care

by Paul Woodward

(Photo via
Ali Abunimah)

On the Mavi Marmara, the ship that Benjamin Netanyahu has dubbed "the hate boat", Israeli soldiers who had been hurt were given medical aid. But some of the civilians who had been shot ended up dying because the Israelis refused to have them evacuated.

Accounts provided by activists on board claim that the first Israeli commandos to land on the ship were forcibly disarmed and then taken below deck for their own safety. Photographs now published by Turkey's leading newspaper, Hürriyet, support this claim.

Soldiers from any military force rely on their weaponry to maintain their image of power. The Israeli military is no different from any other in wanting to avoid having the vulnerability of its own elite soldiers highlighted. What these photographs reveal, however, is that once these particular soldiers were no longer able to defend themselves, they were not lynched. On the contrary, they were taken out of harms way.

Given the terror that Israelis experience when faced with the risk of having soldiers taken hostage, it appears that one element in the over-reaction of the remaining armed commandos was that they thought it inconceivable that any of their comrades could be held without coming to further harm.

Humiliation and fear.

Was this the context in which enraged soldiers decided that they would then set about teaching their adversaries a lesson?

Did nine men, many of whom were well past an age where it seems at all likely they were engaged in any kind of combat, then become scapegoats?

Were the deaths on the Mavi Marmara the result of a few soldiers demonstrating their military muscle in a desperate effort to restore their tattered pride?


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