Sep 20, 2010

Joe Webb Re : Gilad Atzmon: On Jewish Loyalty


The term "demand loyalty" requires a little refinement.

The first question is, loyalty to what? To the Constitution (The US Constitution), to the President of the US?
What if the President orders actions that are clearly unlawful or of dubious legality and clearly unconstitutional?
The second question is, when the President of the US acts against the interest of the United States and in favor of the interest of another power, are the citizens bound to be loyal to that president?
What about when the President of the US clearly orders actions aimed at destroying, killing, terminating US Armed Services personnel? Translated, when the President of the US orders not to come to the aid of US Navy personnel who, at that moment, are being massacred (murdered) by a foreign power? Who merits the loyalty, the treasonous US President or the sailors?
Is loyalty to the US Government required when that government sends the US Secretary of State to the United Nations to brandish a 35mm film canister and declare that the US is 45 minutes away from a devastating bio-warfare attack or when another Secretary of State declares that the next smoking gun may be a mushroom cloud?
Some clarification to these issues would be helpful.
Manuel Sotil

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