Sep 20, 2010

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Dear friend,

I remember on Ted Koppel's ABC Night Line, sometime in the 1990s, when Pollard was on record for saying:

"I spied for Israel to help maintain racial purity for the Jewish people."

The entire panel was Jewish with Pollard's father and Prof. Dershowitz on the news program and there was stone silence for a long while, with no one addressing the remark attributed to Jonathan Pollard.

And no one did.

Michael Santomauro
@ 917-974-6367

What sort of TRUTH is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth?

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

The issue of his imprisonment has sometimes arisen amidst Israeli domestic politics.[50]Benjamin Netanyahu has been particularly vocal in lobbying for Pollard's release, at one point even visiting Pollard in prison.[51] Netanyahu raised the issue with President Bill Clinton during the Wye River peace talks in 1998.[52] In his autobiography, Clinton writes that he was inclined to release Pollard, but the objections of American intelligence officials proved too tenacious:

For all the sympathy Pollard generated in Israel, he was a hard case to push in America; he had sold our country's secrets for money, not conviction, and for years had not shown any remorse. When I talked to Sandy Berger and George Tenet, they were adamantly opposed to letting Pollard go, as was Madeleine Albright.[53]

Alan Dershowitz has been among Pollard's high-profile supporters, both in the courtroom as a lawyer and in various print media. Characterizing the sentence as "excessive", Dershowitz writes in an article reprinted in his bestselling book Chutzpah!, "As an American, and as a Jew, I hereby express my outrage at Jonathan Pollard's sentence of life imprisonment for the crime to which he pleaded guilty."[54] Dershowitz writes,

[E]veryone seems frightened to speak up on behalf of a convicted spy. This has been especially true of the Jewish leadership in America. The Pollards are Jewish... The Pollards are also Zionists, who--out of a sense of misguided "racial imperative" (to quote Jonathan Pollard)--seem to place their commitment to Israeli survival over the laws of their own country... American Jewish leaders, always sensitive to the canard of dual loyalty, are keeping a low profile in the Pollard matter. Many American Jews at the grass roots are outraged at what they perceive to be an overreaction to the Pollards' crimes and the unusually long sentence imposed on Jonathan Pollard.[54]

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nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney said...

'It would have been cost-prohibitive to remove all that asbestos from the twin towers'

The five dancing Mossad arrested on 9/11 in NYC ~
now demand immediate release of Jonathan Pollard