Sep 25, 2010

The White race and Equality


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From: joe webb <>
Subject: [ba-cesi] The White race and Equality
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A study should be done on why the White race is the only race to have invented the idea of Equality.

The White race is the only race to have applied such an idea in the way of permitting and even encouraging the immigration of other races into their homelands.

The White race invented, among just about ALL ideas (philosophy and science), the political discourse on Equality known as Lberalism vs. Conservatism, speaking in a very general way. This apparently goes back to the French Revolution of 1789 and its aftermath which included seating delegates in the French Assembly with as assorting of them based on how much Equality, more or less, they Believed in, the rads on the left and the conservatives on the right.

No other race has dreampt up such an absurdity. Nor has any other race dreampt up Racial Equality. Does that make Whites the racial Freaks on the planet?

All other races think logically based on experience and their genes. Their genes and their experience tell them to distrust strangers, to rely on their kin networks, to seek power based on practical considerations of individual and group promotion, and to make war on the Outsider, the Other, when attacked, or when seeking to gain their own Power.

Whites used to keep their Thinking relatively disciplined by biological Reality and Direct Experience. Darwin helped preserve such Thinking by close observation of empirical reality. Western Colonialism/Imperialism provided direct experience of other races. Blacks and Browns were seen for what they are, intellectually challenged and emotionally unstable, the reason England could subdue India with just a handful of soldiers.

Since ca.1960, most Whites have allowed jewish and communist psychological warfare to instill guilt and teddy-bear luv of Others to subvert their healthy instincts of self and group/race preservation. This started most recently with the Marxian and Jewish intellectual attack on Darwinist social science in the 1920s with Franz Boas, a communist and a Jew. However the Thought goes back to Rousseau , the Enlightenment, and even the Renaissance Humanists and the Protestant Reformation with its Sola Scriptura notion that anyone could read and understand the Bible for himself, probably herself as well.

Greco-Roman Thought considered Equality , that is , they were systematic enough to think about it...and of course rejected it out of hand.

So, this is 2500 years of Equality being thought about, more or less, and rejected until about 500 years ago, while the rest of the world's races never gave it a "thought". Why is that? They must be smarter than Whites.

But they are not not smarter than Whites, except for the East Asians who have a few points on us. However, they are so collectivistic/authoritarian in their psychology, that whatever the Big Man says, goes. They do what they are told. (They imported White/Jewish communism but rejected Equality and kept the authoritarianism which accords with their genome very well.)

So, the mystery of Mysteries stares us in the face: The more or less most intelligent, accomplished, and compassionate race (relatively speaking) is committing race suicide by immigration, squandering their money on the low IQ Blacks and Browns, and worse, permitting more and more of them to enter the White Homelands. (This will damage if not wreck the economy as well; the states in the U.S. with the highest unemployment are almost all those states with the most Blacks and Browns. California Whites are now under 50% of the state population; and California's unemployment rate is 12% even while the recession is officially over.)

The White birthrate is dramatically low, mainly in Europe (1.5). And the LIberals (commies and Jews) are on a witch-hunt for Racialists and those who simply point out the naked Emperor.

How did this Happen?

Evolutionary psychologists say it is based in the White genome, a genome that was formed over tens of thousands of years by special circumstances of the North, those conditions being abundant land and animal prey and relatively late arriving agriculture, which fostered Trust and Cooperation.

So, the White race today is confronted by its genetic tendency to Trust Racial Others, while these Others, plan to milk us at best or slaughter us at worst.

There are many signs that White Americans are awakening while Europeans are
drowsy, or completely asleep, drugged by Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality. This is because Americans are pragmatic while Europeans "Think". Americans are more, as they say, in touch with their feelings. They feel the Other and recognize that there is no possibility of sociability.

We need a study of how such a reality-rejecting Belief as Equality and Racial Equality, came to addle the brains of Whites...only Whites, and no Other race.

Joe Webb

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