Sep 25, 2010

WSJ, 9-17, 2010 (Does the word "gyp" come from Gypsy?) Sarkozy erupts.


From: joe webb <>
Date: Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 11:46 PM

From the desk of Joe Webb:

Re: WSJ, 9-17, 2010 (Does the word "gyp" come from Gypsy?) Sarkozy erupts.

This piece has a minor EU official chiding French President over France's deportation of Gypsies, mostly back to Romania.  EU law provides for deportation of individuals who are free-loading, but forbids ethnicity -based deportation.

So,  an ethnic group like Gypsies who refuse to work and live in illegal squatters camps, living legally (welfare) and illegally (theft) off those Whites who work, are to be deported; you can't use the word "Gypsy".  Even "Roma" would be a violation of EU law, which refuses ethnic or racial categories.  This is like in France where stats are not kept on a racial basis.  Try to find out how many Muslims-Arabs are in French jails...that is unfraternal, un-french, and O so in bad taste.

Some French simple soul actually used the term Gypsy....that is double-plus ungood.  So the French apologized for the use of the term Gypsy, and France is still going ahead and sending the gypers back to wherever they came from...that would be India according to historically oriented, just Romania, etc.

So the Big Sister of the EU , Viviane Reding told the French Prez that "this is a situation I had thought Europe would not have to witness again after the Second World War."  Impudence, insolence, femi-commie bullying.

After delivering a few choice adjectives including "humiliating"  (never humiliate a Frenchman, Fraternity evaporates vitement), Sarkozy added that the EU Big Sister, a Luxembourger (you know that gigantic country located somewhere in Western Europe) if she "liked them so much Luxembourg could take in Gypsies."

He used the gyp word again....tut tut. Tres gauche, n'est pas?

Speaking of the gyp word, what does it mean to say that somebody "jooed you down"?  Does that have something to do with WW2?

From any rational point of view, the European Union, besides trying to prevent any more war in Europe, which is a good thing, is morphing from an economic union into a sovereign State.  This will not work, and could itself ignite war.  The French , the Germans, the Spaniards, the Italians, and all those funny little states with their strange and stubborn White people that make up the 27 members of the EU...they got this thing about remaining who they are...

Send in the Soros billions, the New York Times, the Neoconservatives, in short, send in the Jews to instruct Europe's Whites on how to behave.

How about a public burning of the New York Times?  Just a prank.    The usuals would call it a hate crime:  arson aggravated by Hatred of Jews, to be tried at the Hague under Universal Jurisdiction.  Anywhere on the planet where the NYT is read...the offense is there.  "I am offended" is the first talking point of the Jews.  Offend a Jew and go to jail; you have offended God.
Where is that Jewish sense of humor anyway?   -- Joe

PS: I forgot to add, the news out of Europe these days is amazing, Sweden, France , Germany, Austria, Italy, you name it.  A poll just taken in Germany has 46% or 48% of Germans stating that they feel like strangers in their own country...Germany, the most propagandized of European states?  Yes, Germany. 

Growing numbers of White Europeans are  mumbling now..."Muslim, African, Arab, Turk, Latin American Indian...'R' not us."  Soon they will be yelling, and maybe will even start having babies again.  What an Idea!  White is Right!

-- Joe   

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