Nov 15, 2010

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To Prof. Weinblatt:

You question Faurisson's credibility in History.  I question yours in Execution Engineering.   You know much less about execution procedures than Faurisson does about History.   If you live in a glass house remember about the stones.

Fred Leuchter
Expert on Execution Technology

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FROM: Prof. Charles Weinblatt:

Your professor of LITERATURE (Faurisson) is respected by no one in HISTORY.  When will you get it?  You might as well ask a professor of English for an opinion about Engineering!  Get a life.  The Holocaust happened.  A LITERATURE professor making statements about HISTORY is not authentic.  Virtually every professor of History agrees that millions of innocent Jews were murdered.  Virtually no one besides virulent anti-Semites believe in Holocaust denial or historical revision of the Shoah. 


Joe, you are unable to proffer anything close to academic reality or Holocaust veracity.  You believe in snake oil salesmen; people beyond their own area of expertise who pretend to know more than PhDs in History. 


Since virtually every professional historian agrees that millions of innocent Jews were murdered by Nazi Germany, the only valid question is why someone (like you) would wish to deny that which has been proven empirically literally thousands of times.  Either you love Nazis and/or you hate Jews.  After all, the Holocaust is not conjecture, but fact, proven time and time again with empirical means. Nazi leaders themselves admitted to murdering millions of innocent Jews (see Nuremberg Trial transcripts). 


So, which is it Joe?  Do you love Nazis?  Do you hate Jews?  Or is it both?


Finally, please know that this is the last time I will respond to your e-mail messages.  I will debate those who comprehend and validate empirical data.  You provide bizarre conjecture, not valid data.  You use people who spout crap out of their area of expertise, not professional historians who have carefully researched the Holocaust.  Joe, if you want to know what I'm talking about, then please research web sites associated with esteemed institutions of higher education.  The truth lies within those Ivy-covered walls, not among Internet web sites devoted to denial. 



Prof. Charles Weinblatt


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 I think its about time you start seeing the FACTS about the gas chambers.


Joe Rizoli





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