Jan 31, 2011

E-Mail About Book Questioning the Holocaust Shakes School


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For those parents at the Manhattan New School who are attacking me, virtually all of you have told me that the reason you believe al-Qaeda attacked the United States is because they do not like our freedoms. The terrorizing I have experienced from MNS parents is no different than the mindset in which you believe is the reason al-Qaeda attacked us on 9/11. --Michael Santomauro   

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To The Editor,
Let me see if I understand what reporter Fernanda Santos wrote in today's Times ( E-Mail About Book Questioning the Holocaust Shakes School ). It seems that web journalist and book editor, Michael Santamauro, inadvertently sent a E-mail to all the names on  the PTA mailing list of his son's school, P.S. 290, asking them that they read a book that he publishes entitled ''Debating the Holocaust''. Although Mr. Santamauro apologized for his mistake, Ms. Santos tells readers that, ''Still the damage was done ''. What damage are we talking can anyone be damaged by being asked to read a book? Ms. Santos then tells us that the school's principal was in the process of contacting the ADL in order to ''  seek further clarity ''. Clarity about what?
Ms.Santos goes on to say that the ADL regional director, Ron Meir described  Mr. Santamauro using a term borrowed from the porn industry, as  '' a hard core Holocaust denier ''. To her credit Ms. Santos does tell us that Mr.Santamauro insists that he does not deny the holocaust but merely wants to encourage debate on the subject. In closing a parent Melinda Batelli-Scopaz is quoted as follows '' this guy is a moron ''. No mention is made of whether or not Ms. Batelli-Scopaz holds any academic credentials in either psychology or history that would give any credence to her assertion'.

What sort of TRUTH is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth?


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