Feb 9, 2011

Kevin MacDonald, Long Beach State Hate Professor, Claims Jews are Blocking Interview He Did With The Daily Show From Airing


Kevin MacDonald, Long Beach State Hate Professor, Claims Jews are Blocking Interview He Did With The Daily Show From Airing

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It's been a couple of months since we last paid much attention to Kevin MacDonald, the Long Beach State psychology professor who's an Irvine resident and a bigwig at the white-power, terrorist-inspiredAmerican Third Position Party. So we missed his January essay on the publication in which he claims Jewish interests are keeping an interview The Daily Showdid with him last summer from ever airing.

MacDonald, of course, is the White weenie whose pseudo-academic writings claiming Jews systematically undermine Western civilization as a method of survival has won him praise in neo-Nazi circles and nowhere else.

In the essay (which people can find on their own because I'm sure as hell not going to drive more traffic to those imbeciles), MacDonald discloses that Jon Stewart's producers got in contact with him because they wanted to do a segment on his railings against then-Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagen. MacDonald had claimed that Kagen only received the nomination because she was a Jew, and the Daily Showflew MacDonald to New York to interview him. The highlight of MacDonald's interview, according to his piece? When he outed Ralph Lauren as a Jew.

Anyone who has heard MacDonald speak knows he's a bore with as much personality as a terra-cotta planter, and it's no surprise the segment never aired. But MacDonald, ever the conspiracy theorist, told his VDare audience he suspected more nefarious agents at work: the Jews!

"But the suspicion must be that," MacDonald whined, "the senior media honchos do not want discussions of race, White identity and interests, or Jewish influence in a way that gets outside the box of Political Correctness."

And who are these "senior media honchos," in MacDonald-speak? Jews.

The classless MacDonald also listed the private e-mail of a Daily Showproducer.


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