Mar 28, 2011

First Published in Robert Faurrisson : The Unofficial Blog


First Published  in Robert Faurrisson :

The Unofficial Blog


New Preamble of March 12, 2011


 In 1986 the "Nazi hunter" Serge Klarsfeld suddenly announced in the French weekly VSD (issue of May 29, p. 37) that scientific evidence was finally about to be published on the existence and operation at Auschwitz, during the war, of those homicidal "gas chambers" (veritable chemical slaughterhouses for human beings) vouched for by so many "testimonies", each one vaguer or more hair-raising than the rest. To that purpose he had turned to a certain Jean-Claude Pressac, a pharmacist of the Paris suburbs. We were going to see what was what! Indeed, three years later, the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, based in New York, published under the signature of the said pharmacist a book in English entitled Auschwitz: Technique and Operations of the Gas Chambers (*); 564 pages long, in 45cm x 30cm format, it weighed no less than 2.4 kg.


In the account presented below Professor Faurisson seems to have delighted, in his dissection of the enormous work, in showing its weaknesses, aberrations, dishonesty and, to sum up, its unbelievable inanity. The future was to prove him right. In 1993, Pressac made one last, timid attempt by publishing with The Machinery of Mass Murder at Auschwitz (**). 




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