Mar 6, 2011

Why the Jews? -


March 6, 2011

New York Post: Why the Jews? 

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    03/06/2011 8:24 AM

    This article really doesn't adequately answer the question of "Why the Jews?"

    I think non-Jews hate Jews because they have significant influence on wealth and education wherever they reside. The rest of the population is jealous and envious of their successes and their controlling power. And in many instances, the Jews have abused their control and power to the detriment of non-Jews. This only increases the hatred of the Jews. It's easy to blame those who have abused their power of violence and other atrocities against non-Jews. The State of Israel is a primary example of this, even though the Palestinians have committed many more violent acts against the Jews than vice-versa. It is clearly intended as a Theocracy, which is going to discriminate against non-Jews. 

    Of course, Israel would have to go a looooong way to be more violent against "Others" than are all the States of Islam. Nothing compares to their hateful and violent discrimination against non-Islamists. But the Arabs are not as intelligent or successful as the Jews, and therefore Western Culture is going to be more prejudiced against the Jews for now.......but I think that is changing with time. Western culture is waking to the horrors of Islam, and beginning to see it as more threatening than the decreasing number of Jews in the world.

    Not many really admire success. Most actually hate it!

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