Apr 17, 2011

Conference in Tripoli


From: Michele Renouf <>
Date: April 17, 2011 7:55:53 AM EDT


The People's Bureau of The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab 

Your Excellency

Warm greetings to you and Libya's steadfast Jamahiriya!

Returning this weekend from filming in Europe, I find only now this news (below) from my good comrade Joe Fallisi - a comrade to be found always at the frontline of any battle against the New World Order Predator (headquartered in the "terror State" of "Israel"; aided and abetted via tyrannical privileged veto through the UN "terror Council") as well-identified in 2008 by the incorruptibly authentic Colonel Gaddafi. 

To be sure, had I known in time about this weekend's International Conference for True Human Rights, I would have travelled via Tunisia like Joe to Tripoli to support it and to honour the Green Book of Libya's heroic Leader of the Revolution (a Revolution which ousted the Occupation of predatory military bases forty one years ago and combats to this day).

During the recent months of criminal pro-Zion onslaught upon Libya I have only had chance to show support at the "Hands Off Libya!" rally in London alongside colleagues Dr James Thring, Peter Rushton, and Philip Bree; and through my Moral and Morale Rearmament Column at my commonsense campaign website: 


Returning to the filming I mentioned, frankly it is not an unrelated topic.  It concerns the recent release of a young attorney Miss Sylvia Stolz who has served three and a half years in Aichach Prison in Germany for a "crime" in ten of our so-called European "democracies" - fraudulent "democracy" the likes of which, fools such as anti-Gaddafi ingrates wish!  Under current European "democracy", a truth and justice practicing attorney like Sylvia Stolz suffers prosecution herself for the "crime" of "defending her revisionist client too well" (as pronounced by judges intimidated and liable for prosecution themselves under the spell of Israeli-drafted laws which privilege this debate-denial onslaught against every pillar of the West's Classical civilisation).

Please convey my admiration to all Libyan truth and justice comrades who are upholding the International Conference for True Human Rights in Libya and who are remaining steadfast with the Father of the Revolution. How one wishes in the West for such a Leader who would perform the elementary task of identifying shark from dolphin parentally to protect all nations from plausible swindle-fin Predatory onslaught.

Yours most respectfully

Michele, Lady Renouf
Telling Films


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On 14 Apr 2011, at 12:07, Joe wrote:

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Da: Joe
Data: 14 aprile 2011 13.04.39 GMT+02.00
A: mark glenn
Oggetto: Tripoli

Mark, my friend and brother, tomorrow morning I'll fly to Tunisia where somebody will come to pick me up and let me enter Libya, then arrive to Tripoli. On 16-17 April, an International Conference of (true) activists for human rights and peace is scheduled there. I hope I'll be able sometimes to use skype. So, maybe, we could be in touch and speak in direct. I'll have with myself my Italian mob. If I'll not die in a  bombing I should go back to Italy on April 20th.
A strong hug.
For truth, freedom and justice.


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