Apr 17, 2011

The Jews Sacked Westerwelle Translated by J M Damon


Juden stürzten Westerwelle
The Jews Sacked Westerwelle
Seine Parteifreunde benutzen sogar den Begriff "räudiger Hund."
Even His Party Friends Used the Expression "Mangy Dog."

By the Authors of the National Journal 
Translated by J M Damon
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Never before in the history of the so-called Federal Republic of Germany has the head of a political party been so abruptly and disgracefully driven from office as Guido Westerwelle.
Even the expression "mangy dog" has been used in conjunction with his forced resignation as party head. 

In the view of the Zionist Lobby, Westerwelle's hesitation to participate in the war against Libya (engineered by Jewish do-gooders Nicolas Sarkozy and Henri Lévy) caused the cup of "Anti-Semitism" to overflow.

Westerwelle committed too great an indiscretion for the Jewish power centers.
Henri Lévy pronounced the political death sentence on Westerwelle when he decreed in the 28 March issue of DIE WELT: "Gaddafi has got to go, and so does Westerwelle." 

On 18 February 2011, Westerwelle played a decisive role in Germany's vote against Israel in the United Nation's condemnation of that country's policy of building settlements on Palestinian lands.

To this day, the Lobby-controlled media has effectively hushed up that vote against Israel, presumably because Westerwelle might well have received broad public approval.

It is significant that just a few days after Westerwelle's fall, Israeli Prime Minister Netanjahu called on Chancellor Merkel in Berlin.
On that same day, 7 April 2011, Merkel announced that Germany would station soldiers in Libya. 

Needless to say, this was touted as a "humanitarian mission" (like Germany's war in Afghanistan.)
It was a kind of declaration of war against the Jewish Lobby early last year when Westerwelle called for the removal of Jewish-American nuclear weapons from German soil.
According to SPIEGEL magazine on 13 April 2010: "The American ex-Nato Secretary General George Robertson strongly attacked Foreign Minister Westerwelle, saying his demand was irresponsible."(SPIEGEL.DE, 13.04.2010) 

It goes without saying that the German occupation government did not support Westerwelle's demand for the removal of nuclear weapons from German soil.

It is significant also that immediately following the victories of CDU/CSU and FDP in the elections of 2009, the Lobby media began warning of the danger of a new "Teutonic identity" in Germany.

"Following the national election, the eyes of the world are on Germany.
The judgment and expectation of the international press have a certain implication or implied judgment.

They say that a new "Teutonic consciousness" is evolving.
(wap.n24, 28 September 2009)

The list of Westerwelle's transgressions against the Jewish power centers is long, going back to the days of Jürgen Möllemann.

{Möllemann died in a highly suspicious "accident" in 2003:

That is why the campaign against Westerwelle was launched in the Lobby media soon after the election of 2009.

At that time Westerwelle was "advised" to let the office of foreign minister go by and accept instead a ministerial position that would not entail contact with foreign governments.
An opinion survey made right after the election was supposed to persuade Westerwelle to decline the office of Foreign Minister: "According to the opinion of the voters, Westerwelle should not take accept the foreign office." (WELT.DE, 7 October 2009)

At that time SPIEGEL, the voice of the Lobby, referred to Westerwelle  as "The Incompetent." (SPIEGEL, 41/2009, page 42)

And Israel made it unmistakably clear to Chancellor Merkel that it greatly esteemed her dedication and loyalty to its interest but would be displeased to see Westerwelle named as foreign minister: 

"The possible designation of the head of the Free Democratic Party, Guido Westerwelle, to be the new German Foreign Minister is meeting with reservation in Israel.

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem would not comment on questions regarding its misgivings.
Previously the daily newspaper Jerusalem Post had reported that the prospect of Westerwelle's naming as Germany's foreign minister was causing 'wrinkled brows' in Jerusalem.
As a representative of the new Generation of Germans born after Holocaust, '...he does not have the same reflexive sympathy for Israel that characterizes German politicians throughout the political spectrum.'" 
(NN-ONLINE.DE, 29 September 2009)
Why this sudden dislike of Westerwelle so soon after the federal elections of 2009?
After all, he is homosexual, which is a prerequisite for high government office within the international "Lobby Democracies."

In contrast to his former party colleague Jürgen Möllemann, he did not expect opposition from the Central Jewish Committee.

In reality, the Jewish power structure tends to block politicians from influential positions when those politicians have intimate knowledge about them.

This is especially true if they suspect that the politicians harbor a secret disinclination against international Jewry, even though they keep their mouths shut.

The Jewish power brokers never forgave Westerwelle for not distancing himself from Möllemann until the latter received the final blow: 

"Westerwelle did not immediately distance himself from Möllemann, but rather waited for public pressure to build..."
 (NN-ONLINE.DE, 29 Sep 2009)

The Central Jewish Committee and Israel are correct in this respect. 
During his visit to Israel in 2002 Westerwelle dropped a rhetorical bomb, after the customary kowtowing and guilt ritual: 

"...Referring to Friedman, Westerwele denied that the former had a 'higher moral position' in the debate.

Responding to the question of his relationship to Germany's National Socialist past, his response was: 'We all need to ask different questions and come up with different answers'. 
He declined to explain what he meant by that."
 (SPIEGEL, 41/2009, page 42) 

For Israel and international Jewry, such a remark, even if denied and relativized a thousand times, has the same effect as if the true "Holocaust" Story should be exposed as a lie in YAD VASCHEM (the Israeli "Holocaust" Museum).

Another thing for which international Jewry can never forgive Westerwelle is "Campaign 18" that he and Möllemann launched years ago. 

It is known in the worldwide resistance movement that "18" signifies "A.H." 
It is obvious to everyone that Westerwelle and Möllemann did not really believe they would win 18 percent of the vote!

"18" was a cabalistic jab at the Power Jews, who reacted abruptly. 
Acting on instructions of the Jewish Central Committee, the head of the FDP in Berlin Dahlem, Susanne Thaler, accused Möllemann of Nazism and Racism:

"Playing with fire like as Möllemann is doing is 'repulsive and dangerous' said Thaler, accusing her party colleague of harboring 'internalized Nazi racism...'

She had doubts as to whether the goal of '18 percent' had not been chosen with more profound significance.

Among Neo-Nazi, the number 18, in numerization of the alphabet, stands for the abbreviation AH, or Adolf Hitler."
 (SPIEGEL online, 6 June 2002) 

The number 18, being 3x6, also represents the diabolical number in the Kabala and in Revelations.

Möllemann was sending a signal: "You have been recognized: we know who you are." 
Obviously, Westerwelle was collaborating in this.

The object in those days was to hinder Möllemann from becoming Foreign Minister...
Westerwell was following in his footprints, as has become clear.

In our article following the Federal elections, we at the National Journal foresaw Westerwelle's fall.

We wrote the following commentary, which can be read on our 2009 web page: 
"Guido will be carved into mincemeat by Merkel the Lobby Moll, with the intention of bursting the coalition bubble.
This is because the queer QUIETSCHFROSCH (stuffed frog, a child's plaything) will now be required to throw all his campaign promises overboard. 

We have not forgotten how he flatly promised that he would not sign any coalition agreements unless they contained his promised tax reductions and simplifications: 

'The Chancellor knows that I will sign a coalition agreement only if it contains a system of taxation that is lower, simpler and more fair." (Westerwelle on his website.)

Probably the Mossad will not have to bump him off as it disposed of Möllemann.
Westerwelle has squashed himself, since his promises of tax reductions will still be empty promises at the time of the next elections."

During the 2011 local elections, the campaign to dump Westerwelle was carried out under the slogan that under his leadership, the FDP became the party of broken promises.
Again and again his simplistic promises to lower taxes have been emphasized and pilloried.

The turning point in atomic energy policy, following the constant stream of horrific reports from Japan, finally brought the campaign to a successful conclusion.
In a way, this was understandable. 

How can a mentally stable person initially swear on the Bible assuring the public that atomic power is absolutely safe, and then admit that it is not safe?

Nobody can appear less credible than such a person.

On top of this, his party colleague Rainer Brüderle declared before the nuclear potentates that talk about abandoning nuclear power should not be taken seriously.

Now the Zionist Lobby has driven the brainwashed masses into the life-threatening arc of the Greens.

The Greens whine about nuclear power plants, but they have nothing against American warplanes armed with concrete-penetrating munitions conducting war games above these installations, as MONITOR reported on 7 April 2011.

In addition, the Greens want to continue stuffing the international cartel of finance criminals with guarantees of more German billions.

And of course the Greens are maneuvering to assure that in a few more years Germany will surpass the number of100 million foreigners. 

This hate-filled conglomeration has marshalled its forces to totally wipe out the Germans.
Greens such as Volker Beck, leader of the Green faction in the Federal Parliament, consider it their duty to pass legislation establishing child abuse as a human right for pedophiles.

In his book DER PÄDOSEXUELLE KOMPLEX Beck writes that the struggle for human rights should include the decriminalization of pedophilia, and this demand is supported by broad sectors of the Green Party.

In the case of Guido Westerwelle we can see that homosexuality, the predicate of "Democracy," means nothing once the Jewish power structure recognizes a critic lurking behind that "preference." 

Acting on orders of the Zionist Lobby, the wretched FDP knifed its chairperson in a manner normally used against Neo-Nazi. 

Westerwelle was abroad when his party colleagues, led by Kubicki (who in turn was egged on by Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger) used the expression "mangy dog" on N-TV, in conjunction with Westerwelle.

Kubicki's literal remark was: "We have to allow Westerwelle the possibility of returning to leadership of the party... we should not drive him away like a mangy dog."

Now the Free Democrats are seeking salvation through the nomination of Vietnamese-born Philipp Rösler to head the party and fill the office of vice chancellor.

This "beacon of hope" with his Asian accent makes a good impression on German do-gooders, and the FDP hopes to win back the favor of the Lobby with the nomination of a Multiculti figure.

Besides, Rösler has already made a name for himself with health insurance "reforms" that so restrict the delivery of health care that many Germans no longer expect effective assistance. 
Furthermore he did this while simultaneous raising co-payments!
Such a brilliant politician!

At the same time he was able to make Germans pay for medical treatment for millions of foreigners in their native land: 

"German health insurance companies must now pay for family members of foreign employees...

They pay the costs of treatment even of family members who do not live in Germany, but rather their native country.

This applies to countless parents of foreigners who have health insurance in Germany, including foreigners in Turkey and countries that were formerly part of Yugoslavia."

 (WAMS, 13 April 2003)

What a superb vice-chancellor for Germany!


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