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why can't black americans be as misinformed as white americans and become conservatives or liberals, swallowing all the same bullshit about the system , with minor variations?

house negroes were those who most emulated whites, by the way, and believed the best about the system that enslaved them...

kind of like tea party righties and obama loving liberals...

Again...does not describe her. She is pretty much anti-Dem AND Repub...for the usual reasons...fix is in on both.
People tend to, when the know little, to put you in the box they want you in. Even opened minded people are not as open minded as they think they are :-)

You are so right, Jim Dean.  The limited mind simply has to put everyone it meets into some kind of political box, no matter how inappropriate.  Naturally, there's a fear of learning more about someone's views, once you discover that you're in disagreement on a major issue.

To see myself associated with that disgusting, warmongering Republican party is repulsive.  Especially after all the posts I've written on my blog denigrating almost all its policies, along with that Tea Party, and advising blacks not to vote for those right wing creatures.  But, after all, I don't buy the liberal propaganda and garbage, that has done so much damage to the social fabric of blacks, in particular, and to this society, in general. So what else can I be?  A REPUBLICAN, of course!

What limited minds.  But, that's how the world works, isn't it?

Elizabeth Wright

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