Apr 13, 2011

Jews make us think Jewish. They are conquering us in our sleep. [1 Attachment]

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From: Walter born in Germany lives in New York City
Date: April 13, 2011 10:13:04 AM EDT
Jewish-Christian tradition

Hi Michael,

Thanks for sending me this very interesting article. I think every member of
Congress and the White House clan should read it. It probably would not stop
them from repeating the same fallacy over and over again because of their
belief it is politically correct to do so. Ironically, educated Jews don't
buy this crap, but they look the other way because it helps them tightening
their grip on Western civilization, or what's left of it. The Christian
right is God-sent.

The last part of this very detailed article titled FRAUD really says it all
in a nutshell. The concept of "our Judeo-Christian tradition has its origins
mostly in the post-World War II political environment and the fate of
European Jews. Judaism and Christianity are seen by the authors as
opposites, a contradiction in terms. I was shocked (but nor surprised) when
I heard the new president of Germany, Christian Wulff, referring to "our
Judeo-Christian tradition" in his inaugural speech last year. He was
mimicking non-Jewish US politicians, of course. I don't remember having
heard other German politician ever making this connection. Wulff, as I see
it, is a victim of propaganda and his own, misplaced guilt conscience as a
German. As you always say, the Jews make us think Jewish. They are
conquering us in our sleep. The history of World War II hasn't been written
yet. I believe future historians will see fascism as the final, desperate
attempt to save European civilization from bolshevism and the Jewish
conspiracy. When Hitler spoke of the master race, he included all Northern
Europeans, including the Brits. This is rarely mentioned, because the allies
needed a fall guy to cover up their pre-war complicity (and anti-semitism)
with the Nazis.      

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