Balsamo wrote:
Most of your videos have been withdrawn. National socialism and Hitler's lost dream...too bad...
Until Berg opens his videos to comments and evaluation, I'll keep on flagging every one that I come across with the following message:

This video and others like it are hate speech of the worst kind. They seem to be the work of a notoriously rabid neo-Nazi and Jew-hater by the name of Friedrich Paul Berg, and besides incitations to racially motivated hatred of the Nazi variety and adulation of the criminal regime of Nazi Germany they contain numerous falsehoods that have been amply exposed as such on several sites including but not limited to  ,  and  . No one should be exposed to this filth without at least having a chance to comment it or express his disapproval of it in the voting section, but the video-maker has disabled both comments and evaluations. That's why this video, and others of its kind posted by "Siegfried113", should be removed from YouTube.

 Este vídeo e outros da mesma espécie são discursos de ódio da pior espécie. Parecem ser o trabalho de um neo-nazi e anti-semita notoriamente raivoso cujo nome é Friedrich Paul Berg, e além de incitações ao ódio racialmente motivado e adulação do regime criminoso da Alemanha nazi contêm numerosas falsidades que têm sido amplamente expostas como tais em vários sites tais como   ,   e   . Ninguém deveria ser exposto a esta sujidade sem pelo menos ter a oportunidade de comenta-lo ou expressar o seu desagrado na secção de votação, mas o autor dos vídeos invalidou quer os comentários que as avaliações. É por este motivo que este vídeo, e outros da sua espécie postados por "Siegfried113", deveriam ser removidos do YouTube.

Whoever wants to use my text for the same purpose is free to do so.

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Denial of generally known historical facts should not be punishable. For those who maintain, for instance, that Germany did not take part in World War I or that Adenauer fought at Issus in 333, their own stupidity is punishment enough. The same should apply to the denial of the horrors and crimes of the recent German past.
~ A German jurist by the name of Baumann in the German juridical magazine NJW, quoted in: Bailer-Galanda/Benz/Neugebauer (ed.), Die Auschwitzleugner, Berlin 1996, page 261 (my translation).
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