Apr 6, 2011

Re: Your excellent video : Harvey Taylor CALLING Anthony Lawson


From: Anthony Lawson <>
Date: Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 1:34 AM
Subject: Re: Your excellent video
To: Harvey Taylor <>
Cc: ReporterNotebook <>

Hello Harvey,

I must apologise, because I did see your offer, but I've been inundated with the after effects of this vicious takedown, and when I tried re-locate it, I was unable to.

If you have some money to spare, may I suggest that you get a DVD made in the States.  I live in Thailand, and the shipping costs from here would make the venture much more expensive, and the banks love to take the cream off the top of money transfers, too.

$500 should go a long way towards getting a DVD-making service to knock out quite a few copies, once you've had the master produced.  You can do this by downloading the videos; the original has been put on another YouTube channel, which I will give you at the end of this e-mail.  I am also going to give you some other relevant titles of mine, because it would be a shame to waste the space left after only about 38 minutes have been recorded on it.  With some compression formats, you can get at least 90 minutes on a DVD, even more.

It would be best if you asked around in your area, for such a service, because once you start dealing in distances, the money can get eaten up (I do not want to make any money out of this.)  An enthusiastic amateur is always favourite, but there are bound to be one or two businesses who could do it for you. 

Of course you have my permission to download and copy the material onto as many DVDs as you can, and to sell the results at a nominal price in order to finance the making of more.

The video links and the others that I recommend you use to fill up the additional space are listed below.  But hurry with the downloads, they may not last long, and YouTube seems to be the easiest site to download them from.  I've listed them in order of preference, should there not be enough space for all of them on one DVD.

You should take some advice about what to notices to put on the DVD about non-profit and Fair Use of the material that is contained in the downloads because it is in the public interest.

Let me know if I can be of any more help.

Take care,


Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? (Anthony Lawson) 

Copyright or Censorship?

Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates

9/11: The Unidentified Murder Weapons

AIPAC: The Voice of America — Part 1  The Orange and the Pea

AIPAC: The Voice of America — Part 2  The Treasonous Dollar Drain

Treason by Members of the United States Congress

Double Vendetta — The Insanity of the Iran Confrontation

Iran and The International Bureau of Double Standards

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I expect that my post to Mr. Lawson may have been deleted. No response. Could you try to reach him? If not, perhaps you could put me on to someone who would crank out the DVds.

Harvey Taylor

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Subject: Your excellent video
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 23:36:19 -0700
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Sir:  Have you considered copying both your initial video and response to DVD,  providing a catchy name to the video and distributing it to educational  institutions.? I would be pleased to support  that effort with $500. I  am a retired commercial pilot, ran for US Congress in 1976 and 1980. In  1980 I stated via my campaign handout that there were no homicidal "gas  chambers" anywhere in Europe and that Jews were not exterminated. If you  could could swing that transfer to DVD and send twenty dvds to me for  distribution here in Northern California for free we could make a real  dent in the political structure of California which is controlled by Jews.  Regards,  Harvey A. Taylor <> PO Box 173 Nicolaus,CA 95659  530-656-2444--cell 530-933-5204 



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