Apr 5, 2011

The Holocaust in Jewish Memory


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Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

"The Holocaust in Jewish Memory and Postmemory"



 Dear Professor Hirsch:



I read that you are to give a lecture on "Fantasies of Return: the Holocaust in Jewish Memory and Postmemory" at the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum this April 12th. Your hypothesis on "postmemory" has been stated as:


Postmemory describes the relationship of the second generationto powerful, often traumatic, experiences that preceded theirbirths but that were nevertheless transmitted to them so deeplyas to seem to constitute memories in their own right. Focusingon the remembrance of the Holocaust, this essay elucidates thegeneration of postmemory and its reliance on photography asa primary medium of transgenerational transmission of trauma.


Agreeing with the commonplace observation that the first casualty of war is Truth, our premise is that some real tragedies are exaggerated and exploited for propaganda purposes while other equally horrible tragedies are ignored. This perspective influences how we should look at any discussion of postmemory. 






Note to Codoh subscribers: This letter is being copied to a number of Professors at Columbia U, and to the USHMM. If you have your own thoughts on this matter please address them to Professor Hirsch using your own language from your own perspective. Thanks.


"...when you have laws against questioning the Holocaust narrative, you are screaming at the other person to stop thinking!!!" ---Michael Santomauro, March 23, 2011

Being happy–is it good for the Jews? "Before Professor Dershowitz accused me of being an anti-Semite (news to me), I was a happy person. Since then, I'm still a happy person". –Michael Santomauro

An anti-Semite condemns people for being Jews, I am not an anti-Semite.--Michael Santomauro

Most of us are mentally trapped to think Jewish. Actually, it is safe to say that virtually every mainstream publication or or other type of media organ is "nothing more than a screen to present chosen views." The great battle over the last century has been a battle for the mind of the Western peoples, i.e., non-Jewish Euros. The chosen won it by acquiring control over essentially the complete mainstream news, information, education and entertainment media of every type, and using that control to infuse and disseminate their message, agenda and worldview, their way of thinking, or rather the way they want us to think. Since at least the 1960s this campaign has been effectively complete. Since then they have shaped and controlled the minds of all but a seeming few of us in varying degree with almost no opposition or competition from any alternative worldview. So now most of us are mentally trapped in the box the chosen have made for us, which we have lived in all our lives. Only a few have managed to avoid it or escape it, or to even sometimes see outside of it, and so actually "think outside of the (Jewish) box." --Michael Santomauro

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