Apr 15, 2011

How Israeli cows observe Passover


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April 15, 2011
Trust us, and drink this for the holiday
Plus Turkey won't cooperate on flotilla, and more in the news
Restaurants getting into the holiday spirit
Pro-Israel rep. will try to win one for the Dems
Which mainly proves that B.I.G. won and Brooklyn rules
In Israel, milk and eggs are kosher for Passover only when produced by livestock that is chametz-free. A dairy farmer explains how the holiday alters his routine.
For those who adhere strictly to the laws of Passover, this is a busy time of year. Homes are purged of anything leavened, or anything that might become leavened. Out go the cereal, the crackers, and the flour. Just how strict we need to be when it comes to the presence of grain elsewhere in the food chain is a matter of some debate. In Israel, kosher certifiers insist that that for milk, eggs, and meat to be considered fit for the holiday, the cows and chickens from which they are derived must also be grain-free. Reporter Daniel Estrin went on a tour of a dairy farm outside Jerusalem to find just what this entails. More
On Passover, we recall that Moses was a stranger in a strange land. An illustrated column imagines how the story might sound in a contemporary Israeli classroom. More
This week's parasha teaches us that in matters of life and death, it's best to just close our eyes, roll the dice, and trust in blind luck More
This week in Israel: 'Iron Dome' missile defense protects Ashkelon, Lieberman flushes and prepares for indictment, a train crashes, Justin Bieber gets tangled up, and more More


Read more: Israeli lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit against former President Jimmy Carter, seeking $5 million in damages because his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" allegedly defamed Israel.

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