Apr 15, 2011 Can exposure to sperm prevent depression in women?


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Fascinating article this.  The claim is that the presence of sperm in women's reproductive organs has mood enhancing effects.  Condom use for sexually active women is linked to depression. ( I only read the abstract and could not find the article.)  Is it possible that the women studied could be further sub-divided into those who screw around (condoms) as opposed to those who have a steady beau, and while maybe using a diaphragm or other birth control method, actually love the man they are with as opposed to speed "daters?"
Of course my bias is thus revealed...what's love go to do with it?  Absolutely Everything.

I assume that these women who do not use condoms are on birth control.

Now aside from the comic possibilites of this one, which I will forego, the femi-commie prudes at the med school are probably upset about their own spermless lives, being hot-shots trying to out perform men,  a genuinely utopian task which will lead to dried-up sex organs cowering from  advancing cancer cells, among other unpleasantness associated with Feminism.  

Now from a purely scientific view based in socio-biology, would you be surprised to find out that sex is good for women's lives?  Would you be surprised that babies are good for women's lives?.  (Did I read somewhere that there is less cervical cancer for women who have had kids?)  I also recall reading somewhere that pregnancy vastates the vagina and thus helps women who have been non-orgasmic, to achieve orgasms, after a pregnancy.

Devastation...or non-vastation of the sexually innocent apparently can lead to depression, maybe in both men and women.

A normal life for a woman is to be sperm-soaked, children bountiful, husband  busy providing, defending, and innoculating against depression.   I have been told by men that if they do not get enough sex, they get depressed.  (Maybe that's my problem.)

Enjoy, and my condolences to the harpies , who want the head of the article's author, that is, an old white male who has doubtless done his duty and has a loving wife.   Joe

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Subject: Charges of Sexism Divide Surgeons' Organization
Date: Friday, April 15, 2011, 12:07 PM

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WELL:  Charges of Sexism Divide Surgeons' Organization
The group retracted an editorial from its newspaper that extolled the mood-enhancing effects of semen on women.
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