Apr 16, 2011

Oliver Stone: Barack, End the Empire | What is Sex For, Anyway? | Koch Bros: Tight With Religious Right


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Oliver Stone: Don't Betray Us, Barack -- End the Empire

Let's face facts: The US can no longer dictate to the rest of the world.READ MORE

Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick / The New Statesman

Tea Party Jesus: Koch's Americans For Prosperity Sidles Up to Religious Right for 2012 Campaign

David Koch's key operative, Tim Phillips, is moving to merge the religious right with the Tea Party movement -- just in time for the presidential race. READ MORE

Peter Montgomery / AlterNet

Michael Moore: The Execs at GE Are Laughing at What a Bunch of Suckers We Are for Filing Our Taxes -- Let's Make Them PAY

The joke's on us, folks. GE and tons of other corporations will have a tax bill for 2010 of ZERO. READ MORE

Michael Moore /

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Tweets from Tahrir: Egypt's Revolution as it Unfolded, in the Words of the People

Egyptians bypassed the Mubarak regime, using online social media to organize and unite against the oppressive forces. READ MORE

By / O/R Books


Our Phony Budget Battles Are All Smoke and Mirrors

Both parties in Washington have supported and sustained massive ongoing deficits propping up a crippled, state-dependent capitalism. READ MORE

By Richard D. Wolff /


What if Making Babies -- Extending the Species -- Isn't the Real Reason for Having Sex?

What if everything we've ever learned about our basic motivation to have sex — the procreation of the species — is unequivocally wrong? READ MORE

By A Modern Love Muse / SeXis Magazine


Is There Such a Thing as 'Ethical Oil'? Canada Claims it Has Lots and the US Is Buying It

Underlying the tar sands debate is a more profound question: Is it OK for some people to suffer as long as many others benefit? READ MORE

By Jason Mark / Earth Island Journal


This Tax Day, Take Action to Stop Corporate Tax Dodgers

This Tax Day will be the largest day of action against corporate tax cheats in American history. READ MORE

By Carl Gibson / AlterNet


Vision -- Urban Roots: Detroit's Industrial Collapse Gives Birth to Flourishing City Gardening Movement

New documentary highlights the incredible rise of urban gardening in one of the least expected places. READ MORE

By Kayla Heinen / AlterNet


10 Industries That Pay Women the Least

Major companies like AIG, Citigroup, First American Corp and GAMC all have zero female officers, underscoring their reps as male-dominated businesses. READ MORE

By Charles B. Stockdale, Douglas A. McIntyre / 24/7 Wall St.

House Passes Paul Ryan's Disastrous Medicare Plan
By Joshua Holland | AlterNet

Prosser, David Walker's Enabler on Wisconsin Supreme Court, Wins Close Race
By Staff | AlterNet

Study: Half of All Meat and Poultry Sold at Supermarkets Tainted by Bacteria
By Joshua Holland | AlterNet

CNN: The Religious Right Is As Strong As Ever
By Frederick Clarkson | Talk to Action

Cost-Cutting at the Environment's Peril
By Sarah Laskow | The Mulch

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Read more: Israeli lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit against former President Jimmy Carter, seeking $5 million in damages because his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" allegedly defamed Israel.

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