Apr 16, 2011

Sylvia Stolz Released from Prison... A Report by Christian Bärthel


Sylvia Stolz aus der Haft entlassen
Sylvia Stolz Released from Prison

Report by Christian Bärthel

Translated by J M Damon
The original German is posted at

After three years and three months' imprisonment in three different institutions for the crime of expressing proscribed political views, the so-called "Federal Republic of Germany" released Attorney Sylvia Stolz from Aichach Prison at 9 am on Wednesday, 13 April 2011.
A large international group of free speech advocates, including supporters from France, Italy and Great Britain (Lady Michelle Renouf) were present at the main gate to celebrate the release of our intrepid Sylvia.

We had expected her to come through the gate at 8 O'clock at the latest, but she was burdened with a huge amount of written materials -- cardboard boxes filled with court documents, press reports and letters of support that she had accumulated over the years and carefully organized.
This delayed her release somewhat.
Beginning about 8:30 I could observe activities in the control room through the window of the main entrance, and so I had the privilege of being the first to give her a friendly hug as she pushed open the door to great applause.
After her many friends had gathered round to hug her, shake her hand and present her with flowers and welcoming gifts, we loaded her belongings into a van and then we all went to a nearby inn where Günter Deckert had reserved the main room for our celebration.

There our "German Joan of Arc" related some details of her years in prison.
For example, she told us that she had been confined in the same cell in which Brigitte Mohnhaupt had been confined during her 24 years' imprisonment.
Her enumerations of the countless minute, often absurdly complicated details, which are designed to completely control the prisoner's daily routine, were particularly revealing.
She described the macabre pretexts her captors employed to keep her in particular from getting day passes and furloughs.
These are granted to common criminals but not political prisoners. 
Even now Sylvia will be closely supervised by a special parole officer for years.   
Her case is similar to that of Ernst Zündel, who on the occasion of his release from prison remarked during his welcoming party: 
"What does freedom mean here?
Freedom is just the outer camp of our prison nation!"
Sylvia said that her pleasure at being released from prison is greatly dampened by the realization that the German nation still far from free...

During our celebrations in the large crowded room, numerous congratulatory messages were read.
I presented greetings from Udo Pastörs, head of the NPD (National Party of Germany) in the state parliament of Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, expressing deep gratitude for the efforts of Sylvia and Horst Mahler in the struggle for freedom of opinion in Germany.
The message also stressed the efforts of Pastör's party to abolish the "muzzle clause" of Paragraph 130 of the Criminal Code, which the government uses to stifle dissent.

I was surprised at how fascinated Sylvia was with the little things that had been denied her for years -- things the ordinary person takes for granted.
For example, she remarked on how strongly it affected her to look out the large window of the inn and observe such a wide panorama...
She made the revealing observation that she felt as though something of the strength and solidity of the prison walls that had surrounded had entered her very soul, and this made her grateful for her experiences during the long years in prison.

Sylvia is indeed a fascinating woman.
She promised to visit several persons who live in the area and she also promised that she would not tarry in helping the German people regain its freedom in practical ways.
This is her mission in life, her duty to assist Germany and all mankind; it is more vital to her than food and drink.
She did in fact allow her food to grow cold.
No one could fail to notice that her heart beats only for Germany's future!
We shall soon post photos and videos of Sylvia's release and reception. 

 Heartfelt greetings from 
Christian Bärthel


Here's freedom to him who would speak, 
Here's freedom to him who would write; 
For there's none ever feared that the truth should be heard, 
Save him whom the truth would indict! 
ROBERT BURNS (1759–96)


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Anonymous said...

Wir sind stolz, solch eine wunderbare Volksgenossin zu haben.
Wir lieben Sie, Sylvia!

Heinrich von Köpke said...

Sylvia is one of the great women of our times. History is filled with Great Women's actions, starting with Mary, the Mother of Christ, then followed by the likes of Jane of Arc and Mother Teresa, all of them said yes to the Truth, no matter the consequences, no matter what they had to suffer, no matter what their fights would one day lead them to.
If the Truth is living in our hearts nothing else matters.
Sieg Heil Sylvia Stolz Sie sind unser Führerin und unser Stolz.