May 19, 2011

An important BLOGGER needs help within 24 hours: Can you help him?


Mike, thanks for offering the fundraiser thing...........I had one hamburger left and served it to Olive tonight.
If I don't have at least $600 by Friday I lose our apt......Friday is also the last day for me to pay the interest ($300) on my things in pawn (TV, guitar and amp)
It's hard for me to find clients on foot since I have to take care of my wife Olive (84yrs. old) We're having a horrible month since we had to pay for her medicine the prescrption plan didn't cover: Linezolid....which is $3,033 for a 28-day supply; we had to pay the deductable on it which was close to $500 bucks. If I didn't get that medicine the doctor said Olive wouldn't have survived her awful sore on her back. Thank God she's doing fine now........
I sure hope someone would help us......we certainly deserve a little help.....if I don't get help by Friday, we're screwed.
This is us at the hospital before Olive was finally released.
I registered a domain name a while back specifically for Olive's pics, but have been so busy to upload to it yet....I'll be doing that this evening. you can check back at it here:
 Mike, I was thinking about how someone would get money to's one way: they can put it on my debit card......anyone can go to Wal-Mart to their MoneyGram Center or any MoneyGram place and send it like that via a blue Express Pyt. form with our card info:
Name: Ron Harold
Receive Code: 2495
Company Name: Rushcard
Company City: N.Y.
Company State: N.Y.
Acc't No. 4104891142180453
Phone: 720.429.4480
maybe I should set up a PayPal gate on Olive's website......I'm reluctant because I don't think I could get PayPal money by Friday.......I wish I had someone who had money to help us and a PayPal acc't so I could have money go to their PayPal acc't...........I don't know, I'm trying to figure this out, Mike..........
sincerely, r o n
Mike, thank you again for helping us........if someone wanted to send money via PayPal, they can go to Olive's website or simply send money to my PayPal email address of record:
thank you, r o n & O l i v e
 Mike, here's my updated address info:
Ron Harold (303) 763-0948

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