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             Keep up the good work!  Too many still have no idea of what is happening around the world must less in their own country...the USA. There is nothing "racist, anti-Semitic, or hate, " in your articles, but actual facts... which the opposition has not been able to refute but  give out personal smear ....
             There is still much left unsaid...especially if one has any access to parts of the Talmud concerning Christians...yet no one has threatened or sued, or used smear words against them...The Talmud  gets its name from, the word:: LAMU ---meaning taught or The  Teaching...the doctrinal book which alone fully expounds and explains all the knowledge and teaching of the Jewish people.  Moses is  regarded as its first author who received the law from God on Mount Sinai, on tables of stone. He also received interpretations of it, or the oral law which is called the Torah Shebeal Peh.
             Moses is said to have transmitted this oral law to Joshua; who in turn, gave it to the 70 Elders, who  gave it to the Prophets, who  gave it to the  Great   Synagogue. Then later transmitted   to certain  Rabbis until it was no longer possible to retain it orally. The commentaries of the law were written down as aid to memory, collected together,and given to Rabbi Jehuda; because  of the sancity of his life he was called the "Saint".  Realizing that the learning of the Jews was diminishing, and their oral laws  were being lost, and the Jewish people were being dispersed, was the first to  preserving and restoring the oral law, printed a book which was called the Sepher Mischnaith, or   Mischnah-  a Deuterosis, or secondary law. He divided it into 6 parts, each then divided into many chapters, were then taught in the schools that existed in Palestine before the birth of Christ.
             The  Mischnah is the foundation and the principal part of the whole Talmud---accepted by the Jews everywhere and recognized as their authentic code of law. As the interpretations increased with the passing of time  these writings constituted another part of the Talmud called the Gemarah. These two parts of the make the whole Talmud and the Mischnah serves as a text of the law, followed by the  Gemarah as an analysis of its  various opinions leading to definite decisions. All the precepts of the Mischnah were not discussed in the Jewish schools.  For this reason some of the parts of the Mischnah are lacking in the  Gemarah. The two-fold Gemarah, added to the Mischnah, makes a twofold Talmud...the Jerusalem version, and the Babylonian version, which has been held in the highest esteem by Jews of all times.
              In the 11th century, owing to dissensions among the scholars,   others wrote  further additions to the  Talmud. Among these were the Tosephoth of Rabbi Ascher. The mains parts of the Talmud are six:  The Mischnah, Gemarah, Tossephot, the Perusch Hamischnaioth of Maimonides, and the marginal notes of Rabbi Ascher.  The complete Talmud contains 63 books in  524 chapters. Added to these are four other short tracts, which have not been included in the regular Talmud. An important point is that this work has always been regarded by the Jews as holy; they have always held it, and still do, as more important than  the  Scared Scriptures.  The Talmud   itself shows this very clearly:
                      In the tract Babha Metsia, fol. 33a:   "Those who devote themselves to reading the Bible exercise a certain virtue, but not very much; those who study the Mischnah exercise virtue for which they will receive a reward;                                                                                       those, however, who take it upon  themselves to study the  Gemarah exercise the highest  virtue."
             The following is a well-known and highly praised opinion in the writings of the Rabbis:
                                                                                    "My son,  give heed to the words of the scribes rather than to the words of the law."
             At the beginning of the 16th century, the Jews began to distribute the Talmud openly, aided by the art of printing then recently invented. The  first printed edition of the whole Talmud, containing all its blasphemies against the Christian religion was published in Venice in the year 1520.  Towards the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th,   when many famous men under took diligently to study the Talmud, the Jews, fearing for themselves, began to expunge parts of the Talmud which were openly inimical to Christians. Therefore,the Talmud  which was published at Basle in 12587 has been mutilated in many places.   In 1631, at a synod in Poland  the  Rabbis of  Germany and other  countries declared that nothing which would annoy the Christians and cause persecution   of Israel, should be printed. For this reason there are signs of many things missing in the Jewish books which were published in the following century and thereafter.  The Rabbis explain from memory what these things mean; for the possess the genuine books which  Christians rarely see. However, Jewish books were later published in Holland with very few mutilations – where the Jews who were expelled from Spain were kindly  received. The Talmud published there in 1 644-48  is almost similar to the Venetian edition. The latest device invented to deceive the censors was to insert the word haiah   (was) with the real text, as if to indicate that the matter in question once had its place there. However, in many places they do show what they mean, ex.  fr. by the words gamattah, "even now" viz. "this law obliges"; and   aphilu b  bazzeman hazzeh, "even to this day" viz. "this law holds," and such like.   Many other works have been published by Jewish teachers which are used in the study of the Jewish law.
                The Talmudic books treat the birth,  life, death and the teachings of Jesus Christ by diversely calling him "That Man,"   "A   Certain One,." "The Carpenter's Son," "The One Who was Hanged,"..etc.
                                 In the  tract Abhodah Zarah, 6a, it states:
                                                                                                      "He is called a Christian who follows the false teachings of that man, who taught them to celebrate the feast on the first day of the Sabbath, that is,
                                                                                                        to worship on the first day  after the Sabbath."  (Saturday)   
             The Talmud teaches that Jesus Christ was illegitimate. In the secret books, which are not permitted to fall easily into the hands of Christians, they say that the soul of Esau came into Christ; that he was therefore evil and that he was Esau himself.  In Shabbath, 104b:  it says: "They ( the Elders) said to him (Elizer): "He was a fool, and no one pays attention to him."  Maimonides attempts to prove how much Christians err in worshipping Jesus. Rabbi Ascher, in Abhodah Zarah (83d) speaks : 
                                        "Today it is permitted to rent houses to  Gentiles because they bring their idol into them only for a time, when someone is sick.  But when the Christ  truly comes and is successful,  and is raised up and exalted, then                                              everything will be changed and these things will be shown to be false and vain."  In Jewish writings  there is no directly corresponding word for the Christian Cross.
This is but a short, short summary of the  Talmud's defamation of Christians...
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