Jun 20, 2011

Bow to their "Holocaust” idol or go to jail!


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In "Revisionist History" newsletter no. 57 (June 2011), Michael Hoffman
demolishes "Genocide Denials and the Law," a new book from Oxford
University Press promoting the jailing of men and women who cannot find
it in their conscience to bow to the Auschwitz homicidal gas chamber

"Genocide Denials and the Law" is intended to serve as an inquisitor's
manual, providing the definitive legal rationale for jailing modern-day
heretics in the dungeons of Europe by first dehumanizing them as

It consists of contributions from numerous legal scholars and law
professors including Thomas Hochmann of the University of Paris, Robert
A. Kahn of the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota), Law Prof. Lawrence
Douglas of Amherst, Laurent Pech, Professor of European Union Law at the
National University of Ireland, and others.

The book targets Robert Faurisson, John Demjanjuk, Ernst Zündel, Roger
Garaudy, Günter Deckart, Pedro Varela, Fred Leuchter, David Irving and
revisionists as a whole. Grand Inquisitor Hochmann wants the alleged
"bad faith and hateful intent" of the revisionist defendant to play a
role at his sentencing: "The state of mind of the denier can thus be
considered during sentencing, as an observation of the widespread moral
presumption that a lie deserves a harsher punishment than a mistake."

This is a cruel and vindictive book that relishes the thought of making
those who doubt the sacred idols of Holocaustianity suffer imprisonment.
It is a disgraceful work, and as such it requires an answer.

Veteran revisionist writer Michael Hoffman, author of "The Great
Holocaust Trial," analyzes the Talmudic hypocrisy, megalomania and
mythomania of "Genocide Denials and the Law" to devasting effect. He
tears off the facade to reveal the squalid totalitarian philosophy at
its core: what I believe is undoubtedly true. If you doubt my sacred
belief then you must be punished by long confinement in a European

Persons who are not especially concerned with or engaged by the
controversy over Nazi execution gas chambers should nonetheless pay
close attention to this subject: the totalitarian manipulation
represented by the various laws and tactics used to distort, dehumanize
and criminalize World War II revisionism have created a precedent and a
template for future use against other types of marginalized dissenters.

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