Jun 20, 2011

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No pun intended, but I think what this news story reveals is that Zionism has gone to the dogs.
Judaism is inherently superstitious and atavistic in today's world, and I can't say that its children--Christianity and Islam--offer a better way out from the sins of the parent. While Christianity does throw in the idea of the transcended youthful god returned from the dead, and Arian Christianity specifically, the hope that man might become god (and hence, it is a heresy); and Islam offers the total loss of the self into the idea of god, from any analysis of the needs of a modern person living in the world of today, they are all Oriental clap-trap; mishmash, maladaptive systems which teach the believers patterns of thought which are ruinous. They are all a mire.
Even if left totally alone, the birthrate of the ultra-religious in Israel who believe in stoning dogs is geometrically metastasizing.  Are they going to reach a point where the president has an untrimmed beard and peyot (the payot were believed to separate the front part of the brain, used for abstract thought, from the back part of the brain that governs the body)(1), and a 19 century black, long coat and sit in the White House demanding yet more money from the American worker for what they said was done to them a century earlier? Or are they going to say that their missiles can reach London, NY, Berlin and Rome with nuclear warheads (already on record by top Israeli officials) so we had all better pay up?
And what about the complaisant Reform Jewish communities? Will they do the same thing they are now doing regarding the Palestinians? Saying, "Its a great pity" and then doing precisely what they claim the Germans did to them back in the 1930s? Nothing?
While it in itself fascinating to conceive Divinity as being a real estate broker, it is till more fascinating to me to watch as no one challenges this belief, and that all the comments by David Brooks of the Times about how Jew exist as a "race", a group, and how brilliant they are as demonstrated by over all % in European/US population and % of Nobel Prize winners is profoundly anti-historical cant of not only journalist such as Brooks, but scholars with credentials as well.
In the great sprint of history, for whatever reasons, people calling themselves Jews were never able to evolve a durable state lasting even a century. It is because  Greeks, Egyptians and even Armenians, as well as countless others evolved societies which spent time addressing real issues and not seeking Divine fiats to stone dogs? Is a chain only as strong as its weakest link?
(1) How the peyot is worn is an indicator of distinct sects. Thus, up and under the yarmulke is one; flowing behind the ear is another; curled in front, yet another; straight another still. The possibilities, like the sects of Oriental thinking, are endless.

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  1. From the desk of Michael Santomauro:

    As Brigadier General James J. David, USA ret, told me by e-mail:

    The same media that love to embarrass Muslim nations for committing ridiculous punishments against its citizens are silent when ridicule is warrant on Israeli punishments. Can you imagine the headlines if this act was committed by Iranian courts? — Or by Syrian courts?– Or by Hamas or Hisbollah?– Or by any other enemy of Israel? It would be a perfect opportunity to embarrass such country or organization and the Associated Press would be on it faster than a duck on a Junebug.

    Instead, and because it's a Jewish court with such barbaric and primitive savagery, the press is silent.


1. Gilad Atzmon: Let the Dog See the Rabbi

We are used to reading about Israelis and Jews bragging about the inherent bond between Israel, enlightenment, modernity, science and technology. Hence, it may take us by surprise to find out that in the Jewish State, a dog was 'sentenced to death by stoning' by a Rabbinical court.

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2. Brian Haw - Al Hiwar TV Interview (video)

Stop killing our kids, stop killing any kids, stop killing!!!

3. Gilad Atzmon: The Protocols of the Elders Of London


The extracts reveal a horrifying image of modern Jewish secular intolerance. It is a glimpse into the abusive, assertive and violent world of crypto Zionist lobbying. It is a glance into the milieu of the people who try to determine the correctness of other people's world views. When reading these extracts, just bear in mind that the authors behind them regard themselves as the forefront of Jewish 'anti Zionism', Jewish moral thinking and universal humanism.

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1001 Lies About Gilad Atzmon

For more than ten years I have been writing about Israel, Zionism and Jewish identity. I am engaged in a process of deconstruction and critique of different Jewish texts, ideas, politics and practice. My intent is aiming towards some deeper realisation of what Zionism is. In my opinion, Zionism is one of the most dangerous political movements. It is a global operation that threatens world peace on a daily basis.

I am delighted to say that my views are well distributed. My books are translated into 22 languages, my papers are highly circulated as well. I contribute regularly to many left magazines both in the printed media as well as online ones. And yet, I have never seen an argumentative piece against any of my writings. No one has ever dared challenge my philosophical ideas. Instead of doing that, they label me. They call me names, they misquote me, they lie and they are very quick to believe their own lies. In other words, based on their responses, they are Zionists and they behave like ones.

This page is dedicated to my bitterest opponents. It is an open list of the different labels that have been attached to my name. Each label is followed by my comment. This page is a glimpse into the world of Zionist ugliness.


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