Jun 3, 2011

Sniegoski on Einstein the humanitarian


Dr. Sniegoski replies

Now let's see: as I pointed out in my article, Einstein sought the establishment of state socialism (totalitarian communism); shilled for Stalinist Russia; supported the Zionist takeover of Palestine with its concomitant expulsion of the Palestinians (though with mild hand-wringing); sought "pre-emptive" attacks on countries he disliked; and supported the mass murder of Germans. Most people who portray Einstein as a great humanitarian seem unaware of those views, which conflict with his humanitarian image. But Mr. Pauling seems not to care, opining simply that Einstein was "right." Well, to each his own, as the saying goes, but should Mr. Pauling ever set about making one of those compassionate, progressive, humanitarian omelettes a la Einstein, I think we'd all better high-tail it from the kitchen.


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