Jun 4, 2011

Why It’s Important to Organize Politically


American Third Position 

Why It's Important to Organize Politically

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 01:38 AM PDT

William D. Johnson, JK | Change in a society is not measured in years but in scores of years. The 1960s constituted the last noteworthy change in our country. Today, we are on the cusp of change again, dramatic, epochal change—change that hopefully will reverse the downward slide we have faced of late. This pending change is born from the discontent of the dispossessed majority and from the erosion of prospects for the rising generation. Unease is felt all over America, among every group, in every geographical setting — in all walks of life. It is not slaked by establishment ideals: diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance, egalitarianism. Indeed, these ideals, and their misguided application by our leaders, fan the flames of our discontent and will drive the tumultuous change of the 2010s.

Those among us who decry our current state of affairs, who reject the status quo, and who pine for a change that will renew and revive our nation, must ban together to, at the very least, help shepherd this change, and, at the very most, cause it to happen in a manner and form that generations to come will marvel and praise.

We have formed the American Third Position so that all men of foresight and good will can join together to lead and direct our nation for the benefit of ourselves and our posterity. We embrace all that is good and moral—from whatever source. At the same time, in the ideologies that have gained currency today , we reject all that is improper and misguided. Accordingly, in large part we reject the policies of the left and of the right, the liberals and the conservatives, the Republican and the Democrats, the capitalist and the socialists. We are, indeed, the Third Position.

The best way to effect the change that our nation so dearly needs (and that so many of our people fervently hope for) is to organize politically. Never before in the history of mankind has technology been so available to facilitate the organization of people into effective political operatives. This electronic age, this information era, will be known as the age of renewal for America and her people. It will be our renaissance , but only if we join and lead the charge for change.

I welcome you into our party, and I encourage you get even further involved in the struggle to save our nation.

William D. Johnson, Chairman

[NOTE: William D. Johnson wrote this article in June, 2010. One year later it is still important to organize politically as a group and as an ethnopolitical majority. --Editor]


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