Jul 4, 2011

July 4th -- from WHAT did we declare our independence? How's that working out?


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Date: July 4, 2011 1:53:47 PM EDT
Subject: July 4th -- from WHAT did we declare our independence? How's that working out?

Dear Friends & Colleagues --

See below for links to a current 4-part series in Arab News continuing a theme touched on earlier in Mindset WarfareThe Enemy Within and in a 4-part video: The Hate Mongers Among Us.

It's difficult to imagine our nation and our national security becoming so endangered across so many fronts with all signs pointing to a common source -- yet nothing being done about it. Here is an analysis from July 2010 suggesting the source of the problem. And from July 4, 2010: From WHAT did we declare our independence?

What has this deceit cost us to date in blood and treasure? What costs are being imposed on the future? On other nations who now view us as delegitimized due to our continued support for this duplicitous source? What are the "but for" costs of not 'connecting the dots' and correcting this corruption at its internalized core?

I trust the four op-eds linked below (800 words each) provide food for thought for those concerned about the future of freedom and what keeps us from resolving the perilous Nuclear Riddle. Today's "field-based" warfare makes deception difficult to discern. The goal of these materials is to provide the "tools of perception" to see for yourself how facts are displaced with manipulated beliefs in plain sight and, to date, with legal impunity. YOU are "the mark" in this fraud.

We seek a sponsor to distribute copies of Guilt By Association to opinion-makers here and abroad. Here is the introduction and a sample chapter chronicling the conduct of two classic assets: Republican McCain and Democrat Lyndon Johnson. Please feel free to forward these materials to others.

Confirming the antiquity of this ongoing modus operandi, note that Mathilde Krim, a former Irgun operative, was servicing the needs of a U.S. Commander-in-Chief (Lyndon Johnson) in the White House the night that the Six-Day Land Grab began--i.e., the agent provocateur operation whose effects are still playing out today. Those effects are consistent with Game Theory Warfare and the waging of War in Plain Sight with the help of a corrupted White House, a Complicit Congress and a Compliant Media

Happy to discuss book sponsorship. It is also available as a fundraiser for those who grasp that ignorance is the greatest enemy when combating this enemy within. Published in the fall of 2008, Guilt By Association offers an accurate account of how treason proceeds in plain sight--alongside the trans-generational organized crime that continues to produce, fund and staff serial presidencies, regardless of party. The 80 pages of endnotes both document the case and comprise a second book -- in slightly smaller type. 

The reason for the two-part subtitle will become apparent to anyone who reads these materials: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. The common source of the deception is fast coming into focus. The self-deceit is more difficult to see—as explained in the op-eds below. Please encourage their widespread dissemination.

I am in Arizona at 928-978-4568.

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