Jul 4, 2011

Warning: A Joe Webb Commentary: More Perfect Unions...homosexuals....imperfect but perfect...


From: joe webb <>
Date: July 4, 2011 3:46:09 PM EDT

Subject: More Perfect Unions...homosexuals....imperfect but perfect...


Worth reading to keep up on the homosexual follies.  I was unaware that one part of the homosexual agenda was to , in effect, "liberate" us breeders who marry, from the tyranny of marriage, a part of that jewish  plague of subversion introduced by Freud who ignited the sexual revolution and trashed White Romantic Love.  

I was also unaware that upper-middle class Whites are now divorcing less and putting behind them the jew, randy, and queer luv of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Per this article, the dialectics of queer love involves wanting to screw more outside of marriage, thus liberating straights too (and to hell with the children; queers ....children?) from their  COYOTE (come off your old tired ethics...of the Hookers organization by the same name of the 70s in the SF Bay Area and god-knows where else) into the bargain, versus, the "straighter" homosexuals who like to think they can behave themselves, or, alternatively, put another one over on the breeders.  They seek legitimacy and dignity, which they will never have because of their animality. (Those occasional homosexuals who manage to control their wayward impulses and achieve something of course are to he honored...for their above and beyond the call of bootie...triumphs.) 

"Gays" ( a usually tip-off  kind of term that the reverse is true, les miserables) want their wayward genes sanctioned as just fine and entitled to the same Dignity as natural breeding genes.  This just cannot be.  While a decent respect for biology demands that homosexuals be treated fairly in general because they cannot change their impulses, to Demand Equality with Breeders is absurd.

Children are the first thing.  Queers will always be with us, but they are not equal to normals, or breeders, for so many obvious reasons that to list them is to treat you, dear reader, with lack of respect.

The closet for queers, and the bedroom for breeders.  Nothing in the street, and certainly not in front of the children (jewTV.)  

Society is always hierarchically structured ...that is until the liberals, jews, and queers and misfists swing into action.  Equality Now!.

All of these folks are starting to get slapped down with the new conservative and counter-revolution  movements that  are Beginning.  (immigration, tax revolt, etc.)  The Queer Marriage movement is just another provocation to Normal White People  who have had Enough! of the liberal lunacies.  Back to basics.  Start with marriage, children, and sexual fidelity, even if it smarts a bit.  We Whites used to control our passions.  The Jews, blacks and browns, and liberals...have subverted us.  But Whites are, despite massive liberal and jew propaganda, starting to listen to their genes.  Children are First, or Second, if one considers the survival of the Group as First.   These are the natural biological laws and ordering of any social group that wants to Live and prosper.


From: <>
Subject: More Perfect Unions
Date: Monday, July 4, 2011, 11:57 AM

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OP-ED COLUMNIST:  More Perfect Unions
How gay marriages will start to redefine the institution, for everyone.


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