Jul 15, 2011

Warning a Joe Webb commentary: Killing Rattles a Jewish Community's Long-Held Trust of Its Own


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Subject: Killing Rattles a Jewish Community's Long-Held Trust of Its Own
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Date: Friday, July 15, 2011, 10:19 AM

Mesirah, the practice of not informing on fellow jews to outsiders , like the police, is the interesting  part of this report.  Also, the  Jewish "double standard" of treating outsiders with contempt is herein revealed, from the horse's mouth.

Jews wonder why they are hated.  A couple years ago an Orthodox Jewish group moved to  a small town in the mid-west (Iowa?) and bought a slaughterhouse.  They were welcomed by the White townfolks as possibly people who could save their town economically.

It took about a year for the gentiles to figure it out.  I recall one story from the news:  a gentile resident of the town said, paraphrasing....on the street they won't say hello, they just "look right thru you"...the last phrase I remember very well.  I think the Orthodox also got into trouble later with their slaughterhouse ...something to do with hiring mexer illegals.

Dershie, of the ADL, just chalks up anti-semitism to some kind of mysterious atavistic hatred in the (non) souls of gentiles for Jews.  The answer, Dershie, actually lies 'not in the stars but in (y)ourselves'.  .

From a socio-biological perrspective, Jewish behavior makes perfect sense, but Jewish tradition (Talmud) also instructs Jews not to do things that can harm the larger Jewish community, like telling it like it is....which this Ms. Schactner apparently has forgotten.

Jewish arrogance and hatred of outsiders has nothing to do with Holocausts, pogroms, discrimination (keep these kikes out of Harvard), or Israel's problems with its neighbors, or Wall St. cannibal finance eating the real economy.


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Subject: Killing Rattles a Jewish Community's Long-Held Trust of Its Own
Date: Friday, July 15, 2011, 9:50 AM

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Killing Rattles a Jewish Community's Long-Held Trust of Its Own 
The killing of Leiby Kletzky has magnified a cultural struggle in Borough Park, an insular community that has only in recent years become less protective of ill-doers from within. 
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