Aug 7, 2011

Gilad Atzmon: The Landlord Wannabe Protest


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Subject: The Landlord Wannabe Protest

Gilad Atzmon: The Landlord Wannabe Protest

Israel tents protests for social change July 11, Debbie Meltzer, canimpact

It is almost amusing to find out that some of the most clichéd Marxists around are so taken by the current Israeli popular protest, which they foolishly interpret as a manifestation of the 'Israeli revolutionary spirit'. They are convinced that now that the Israeli 'working class' are rising, peace will necessarily prevail. 

Yet in fact, what we are really seeing unfold in Israel ( at least for the time being ) is the total opposite of a 'working class' re-awakening. Indeed, some in Israel  are calling it the 'Real Estate Protest,' because basically, those protesting want assets: they all wish to have property, a house of their own. They want to be landlords. They want the key, and they want it now. What we see in Tel Aviv has no similarity whatsoever to the struggles taking place in al-Tahrir or in Athens. At the most, the Israeli demonstrations mimic some manifestations of a struggle for justice or Socialist protest.

But that is where the similarities end.

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