Aug 7, 2011

Levy brothers


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Like many of their tribal brethren, Philip and Joel Levy are parasites that prey on the society they infest.

Over the years, these two crooks have scammed probably hundreds of millions of dollars from Medicaid.

Hardly a week goes by without news of some new large scale swindle or thievery that has been committed by members of their tribe.

The unreported crime, since it does not involve explosions, shooting and blood, is probably many times greater. 

It is all in the blizzard of paper they are masters at generating. It takes grim determination on the part of a dedicated investigator to discover the scheme.

Often, the whole operation is plead away as "misunderstandings", "mistakes", "the accountant counseled me to"... etc. 

Jail time is meted out to crushed any further, deeper investigation, like in the Bernie Madoff case.

While a large population, such as in the US, will support and suffer a number of petty criminals, swindlers and crooks, only members of the chosen have the audacity, total lack of scruples and Mephistophelean cranial capacity to escalate the crime to the grandiose level.

The average uncircumcised slob will make out with perhaps a few hundred thousand dollars. Even your John Dillingers and Willie Suttons of lore were content with measly hits that enabled them to splurge for few weeks of easy living at the time until brought down by the agents of the law. Typically, the ordinary crook will rake in much less, like the church bookkeeper who embezzles twenty grand from the poor box over the years.

Members of the chosen, however, think in terms of billions. Although few reach the rarefied stratum of a Bernie Madoff, many will make it into the tens and hundreds of millions range, as did the Levy brothers.

Meanwhile, nobody was watching the taxpayers money and nobody seems to be calling for J. Edgar Hoover.

Manuel Sotil

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