Aug 29, 2011

[shamireaders] responses on Immigration updated


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From: "Mustafa Sheikh"

I massively disagree with margit alm, she calls herself a "humanist", but her attitude to human life is anything but humanist, it speaks volumes when the so called "good" people in society are pursuing this disgustingly evil ideaology of destroying the poor all over the world.
Blaming the poor farmers of the developing world for this mess is victim blaming at its finest.

Its been proved many times over that the oil companies and the huge agricultural industries that suck the life out of the livelihoods of billions of poor people living in agricultural societies are the biggest funders of this new pseudo-science, the rockefllers and rothschilds, the former funders of eugenics in america and germany, are mobilizing billions of dollars to fund this huge aggressive disinformation campaign. To deflect attention from the suffering and widespread pillaging of delveloping nations they wreak. The oil production and abuse and over farming of fertile lands around the world. And now have created what i call the "new eugenics", which is just basically finding another excuse to wipe out "third worlders".

Ass frank excellently put it, there is plenty of food to go around, its jus tthe allocation of food that is fraudelent. Also the idea that people in horn of africa and other countries are having too many children is neither here nor there, its a non issue, if the corporates were to give them back the resources which are theirs their populations will probably stabilize. Having lots of children is merely a social tool to make sure they arent poor when they are elderly, when it is the big western industries and corrupt politicians committing the horribble theft.

As the rockefellers and rothschilds and many big zionist cartel families have been found to be funding the think tanks that release fake statistics condemning poor people all over the world, as well as they own the media institutions that are making these claims about over population.

The average american uses 30 times more water than even a european. Compared to your average east african its closer to about 350 times.
Food production is perfectly fine,it is the big american industries that are abusing the fertile land, these same communisites that are suffering due to over farming and pressure from their western emplyers to produce. Are the very same people who have farmed the land for thousands of years, and are responsible and loving towards their environment, as always its gain and profit driven greed that are wreaking havoc.

To prove my point you just have to visit the amazing orthodox communities in ethiopia and watch them till the land lovingly, then travel to the local western owned farms all over africa and asia and south america, to see the roaring machines brutalising mother nature.

It isnt those poor defenceless farming families that are doing this, but the so called "democracies" that misguided margit defends.
Margit is what the zionist catels have in millions, misguided people and what they call "useful idiots".

Karl marx was right on the mark when he exposed the sickening capitalist chokehold on human society, which he prophetically predicted would destroy us, and now our very food security is threatened by these mammonites and money worshippers.

Only by stripping food of its profit driven production and allocating gods food and resources will we stabilize this world and eliminate evil forever.

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