Aug 29, 2011

The similarities between Libya & Iraq are plain to see...


The similarities between Libya & Iraq are plain to see: both countries preferred, or were planning to, keep oil revenue for the benefit of their citizens and both countries either had, or were planning to, trade their oil in another currency other than US Dollars.


Much of what was written about Iraq turned out to be fictitious, human shredders, yellow cake from Niger, weapons of mass destruction, and now it appears the situation in Libya before the NATO induced coup d'etat is not quite what the western media, especially the BBC & SKY, would have us believe.


In January 2011 the UN Human Rights Council issued a report on Libya praising their Human Rights record:


World Health Organisation's Report on Libya: http: tryfocus/cooperation_strategy/ccsbrief_lby_en.pdf AND included the following comments:


1.    Libya provides free health care to all citizens, it has achieved high coverage in most basic health areas

2.    Births attended by skilled health professionals 100%

3.    Population with sustainable access to improved water source 94%

4.    Gross national income per capita $16,270

5.    Health care is available to all citizens of Libya free of charge by public sector.

6.    Libya boasts the highest literacy & educational enrolment rates in N.Africa


Primary education is both free & compulsory in Libya. Children between 6 & 15 attend primary school. 287,172 students were enrolled in Libya's universities.


 Libya had the highest life expectancy of all of Africa.


Libya had the lowest infant mortality rate of all of Africa.


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