Sep 13, 2011

Blogger Richard Silverstein Carves Out Niche Baring Israeli Intel Secrets –


Richard Silverstein is one of, if not, the best at what he does. Wikipedia excerpt and LINK below:

The blog was the first to break the IDF censor's prohibition against naming Anat Kamm as a former IDF soldier held for leaking secret military documents to Haaretz reporter, Uri Blau.[2] It was also the first to break a gag order and identify "Captain George" (Doron Zahavi), a former interrogator in the Israeli Intelligence Corps, accused of sodomizing Lebanese prisoner Mustafa Dirani.[3] Furthermore, the blog published the full version of a report that was heavily censored within Israel, about the top secret nuclear missile airbase in Sdot micha.[4] Silverstein was the first to publish the name of the Israeli soldier featured in a YouTube video abusing a bound, blind-folded Palestinian woman detainee, Ihsan Dababseh, by dancing a suggestive Arab dance around her.[5] The soldier, Avi Yakobov, subsequently refused to apologize to the detainee and said that while his behavior had been childish, he claimed that she had been arrested for attempting to stab another soldier. Though she was later convicted of belonging to Islamic Jihad and served a 22-month sentence, she was neither charged with nor convicted of the assault Yakobov claimed.

Olam was the first media outlet to publish a secret IDF memo describing the rules by which the Gaza siege was maintained including lists of banned foods and other basic necessities. The military refused to release it citing danger to national security, until Gisha, the Israeli NGO, forced it to do so under a Freedom of information legislation request.[6] Israeli media published the story two days later.[7]

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