Sep 22, 2011

How Bad Luck & Bad Networking Cost Douglas Prasher a Nobel Prize | Living World | DISCOVER Magazine


The 2008 prize was awarded to Osamu ShimomuraMartin Chalfie and Roger Y. Tsien for their work on green fluorescent protein or GFP. Douglas Prasher actually first cloned the gene for GFP and suggested its use as a biological tracer. Martin Chalfie stated, "(Douglas Prasher's) work was critical and essential for the work we did in our lab. They could've easily given the prize to Douglas and the other two and left me out." Dr. Prasher's accomplishments were not recognized and he lost his job. When the Nobel was awarded in 2008, Dr. Prasher was working as a courtesy shuttle bus driver in Huntsville Alabama.[22]

How Bad Luck & Bad Networking Cost Douglas Prasher a Nobel Prize

 July 2011


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