Sep 22, 2011

My friend just published the best book on jazz: Jazz Conversations by JaRon K. Eames

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A story of a young black boy growing up in the small southern town of Baton Rouge, LA, in the late 1950s, including the adventures in the segregated Deep South with one singular thought: How do I get out of here? (Not due to any racism; my parents shielded me from that madness, thank God.) I wanted to escape the ultimate cardinal sin--BOREDOM. Baton Rouge was and is a wonderful place to be raised; however, by the time I was old enough to pee, I knew I had to get out. This is a story of dreams, raw ambition, and nerve. I wanted what I saw on TV. I wanted that exotic world of glamour, sophistication, power, and wealth. I could taste it. I could smell it. I had no idea what it was or why I even wanted it, but I felt compelled to have it and I set out to get it by any means necessary. At the age of 12 when I visited New York for 2 weeks (with my parents and sister), I was hooked. My story is how at 19, I left the small town for the big city--my new home--New York. How I moved on the same street as one of my idols, Jackie Kennedy. It is a story of how I became the host of the longest running weekly cable TV jazz talk show--The JaRon Eames Show, interviewing, preserving, and archiving many of the legends of jazz: Nancy Wilson, Oscar Peterson, Anita Oday, George Wein, Clark Terry, Margaret Whiting, Dr. Billy Taylor, the last known interview with the legendary singer Joe Williams, and even comic legend George Carlin. It is a story of how I met with, laughed with, wined/dinned, and sexed the rich and famous; how I traveled the world at an early age, living the life of a jetsetter until years, drugs and alcohol took control of my mind and I ended up in a straightjacket in the mental ward. It is a horror story, yet so full of laughter, tears, love, hope and redemption.

See him sing on YouTube:

JaRon Eames ……Vocals


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