Sep 15, 2011

It is Wednesday. Do you know what your rabbi is doing?


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Subject: It is Wednesday. Do you know what your rabbi is doing?

Another one.

I was beginning to wonder why more than one week had gone by without one of the chosen being nabbed at what they do best.

This is about the rabbi that once ministered to the two or three of the chosen who find themselves in Riker Island, at some splendid salary and perks, no doubt.

He lost that cushy job by throwing a lavish party for the Bar Mitzvah of one of the inmates. 

If you have the opportunity to visit or walk by 100 Gold Street in lower Manhattan, that is where the Department of Housing Development has its offices, you will notice an endless stream of black clad individuals,with long curls dripping from under their hats.
Those are the chosen who know how to milk an easy mark. The look pretty much like the man in the picture of the article.

This Leib Glanz is being charged with stealing the paltry sum of $200,000. The real sum must be many times that many over a period of many years. 

This rabbi had easy access to the highest officials of the city administration (Guiliani) and therefore, a first shot at lucrative pork distribution arrangements.


Manuel Sotil

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