Sep 15, 2011

Meet Kweku Adoboli


From: Manuel Sotil <>
Date: September 15, 2011 9:02:28 PM EDT
To: ReporterNotebook <>
Subject: Meet Kweku Adoboli

The Swiss have a well-earned reputation for conservative banking, honesty, hard work and discretion, in one of the world's most solid economies.

They were not playing the The New World Order game and that will not stand any more.

If the Swiss want to export their products, they have to open up their borders to all the riff-raff of the European Community and their guests.
So, if the Swiss want to do business in London, they have to hire the likes of Kweku Adoboli, who just wiped off about 2 billion dollars from the Swiss' bank vaults.

When the Swiss venture outside Switzerland, they are not prepared for the likes of Ghanaian Adoboli, who functions as a regular member of the European Community.
When the Swiss stray into New York, they are not prepared to deal with the likes of Rabbi Hier (Simon Wiesenthal Center in LA), ex-New York Senator Alphons D'Amato, Ed Fagan, Bernie Madoff, et al.

May be they should have stayed at home.

Manuel Sotil

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