Sep 19, 2011

Robert Faurisson Just Who Is Robert Faurisson? - JWRFV


A long awaited book has now been brought out by the Historical Review Press: Just Who Is Robert Faurisson?, selected writings by the renowned Franco-British historical revisionist (200 pages). The first ever compendium of Professor Faurisson's work in English, it features a brief presentation by Guillaume Fabien, translator of the five studies, and a photograph of the author at the December 2006 "Holocaust" conference in Teheran. One of the texts is the important paper he delivered there and for which he is currently under criminal investigation in France at the behest of former President Chirac.

On the cover, a simple line-drawing by the cartoonist Konk showing a big round balloon with the two bloated words GAS CHAMBER written on it, and a boney, barely human hand gingerly approaching with a pin.

Price (including postage): 
UK: £12
Europe: €16.43
United States $21.78
Australia: $21.07

Historical Review Press

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