Sep 28, 2011

There is a new comment to Jews at US Colleges and Universities.


There is a new comment to Jews at US Colleges and Universities.

I would like to add that some people go overboard in trying to say Jews aren't intelligent. I think it's highly likely the possess a much narrower SD (Standard Deviation) in the dispersal of IQ amongst their population, possibly because of the excessive inbreeding. Daniel Vining did some work on East Asian IQ, showing a narrower SD than amongst them than among Whites (for Whites the SD is about 15 points) and then he was pilloried by some as a racist. Of course others came along to refute his findings. What they did was factor in lower SE Asian IQ scores to get the spread for "Asians", and then conveniently ignored the SE Asian scores when going for the "average". 

Back to the point, obviously some Jews are intelligent, and they have their geniuses here and there just like Whites. But the quantity and quality of their geniuses is exaggerated beyond all belief due to their current control of the media and academia. Look at the ridiculous claims regarding Netanyahu's IQ - or the relentless promotion of Einstein, who while a legit physicist, was nowhere near the level of genius claimed for him, and who in fact was not the discoverer or originator of the Theory of Relativity, never mind "his" famous equation (E=MC2) that he swiped from Olinto De Pretto.  It would be silly to underestimate the Jews however. It's also silly to overestimate them. When I was in college I met Jews who were in fact intelligent and did deserve to be in the UC system based on their grades and test scores. I am not taking their side, simply stating facts. 

Whites need to get control of the reins once again. We are being shut out by a relentless enemy. Anyone who knows Whites involved say, in certain fields of science, R&D etc.,  can tell you that the Jews now control the purse strings for much of the grant money handed out. And the Jews make sure that money goes to their own or to other non-White researchers, meaning Asians in most cases. The Jews will badger the Whites, they'll attempt to find out far too much of what they've already worked on etc., you know what I mean, or will promise the money if the Jew in charge of fund dispersal will be named in the paper (without having done one bit of work), credited for the work, credited for having the original idea, and so on. It's absolutely criminal, and that's because we are dealing with an ethnic crime syndicate. A syndicate that rolls along because the "regular Jews" and the "little Jews" back the criminals to the hilt. That's because all of the Jews benefit from this chicanery.



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