Dec 7, 2010

Send a Christmas card to Zundel


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> by Michael Hoffman | Dec. 7, 2010 |
> On March 1, 2010 prisoner of conscience Ernst Zundel was released from
> Mannheim prison in Germany, after having served seven years, some of it
> in solitary confinement in jails and prisons in the U.S., Canada and
> Germany.
> The wicked crime that led to his imprisonment? He doubts the stories
> about the homicidal gas chambers of World War II Germany.
> For that thought "crime," he lost seven years of his life. Now 71, Mr.
> Zundel resides in Germany in his family's ancestral home.
> The real crime here, the crime against Ernst's human rights as a
> dissident is not an issue for the White House, the European Union, the
> U.N. or the New York Times. They were all content to watch a heretic
> lose his freedom and rot in jail for doubting Holocaustianity, the last
> truly believed religion in the otherwise agnostic West.
> We live in a world which has witnessed the strategic capture of the
> language of human rights by the partisans of Israeli Zionism and
> Talmudic Judaism. The resulting partisanship has blinded western
> intellectuals, churchmen and activists to the intellectual dishonesty of
> jailing dissidents and criminalizing doubts about 65-year-old Judaic and
> Allied dogmas.
> We in the West are free to doubt every once-sacred tenet of
> Christianity. We can laugh at Christ's miracles and deny His
> resurrection, but in Europe, Australia and Canada to do the same to the
> miracle stories and relics of Holocaustianity is a one-way ticket to
> media defamation, loss of employment, crippling fines and even
> imprisonment.
> In the U.S., according to the Vassar college newspaper, this year
> Deborah Lipstadt announced that she intends to make the "denial" of
> execution gas chambers "socially unforgivable" in America. Who appointed
> this lady commissar of social life in America?
> Ernst Zundel could have recanted; he could have cut a deal and who would
> have blamed him? Instead, he sat for years, alone, in a freezing dungeon
> in Canada, labeled a "national security threat." Then he was keelhauled
> to his native Germany, where the German judges and prosecutors who sell
> their inheritance for a bowl of Zionist-media approbation, sentenced him
> to several more years of imprisonment.
> On March 1, when the dungeon doors finally opened, Ernst was
> photographed smiling!
> The typical Christmas card of average-sized dimensions weighs one ounce
> and costs 98 cents air mail postage to Germany. (Larger or heavier cards
> will require additional postage).
> If you think this man merits your recognition and acknowledgement, let
> him know!
> Mr. Ernst Zundel
> Richard Wagner Str. 64
> 75313 Bad Wildbad
> Germany

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