Apr 12, 2011

Jim Dean: Elizabeth Wright's work...


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In essence, this turgid soul has a desire to ostracize anyone who has the misfortune to possess preferences unlike Ms. Wright's preferences. How dare one's heart travel outside the dominion of this rigid woman's KGB-like boundaries?
She has quite a body of work going back to 1983...and did the first black conservative E-zine.
I learned about the battle between the NAACP (run by the Jews in the early years) and the Booker T. Washington crowd.
Black communities were building strong communities all the Booker T. model...and the NAACP model wrecked all of that. The successful black biz folks moved into the white communities which began the decline of the success role models in the black community.
The intermarriage part of it was a very small part. These folks primarily focused on economic independence, and were ashamed to have their community viewed as not being able to work their way up as all other minorities had, most who endured all kinds of hurdles.
My father was Polish and his family in my town, where Polish folks were at the bottom of the social ladder. The Irish had gotten through their bad time. But because he was a WWII fighter pilot and a businessman he/we got no flack, although the brought a deep south wife home from the war.
He father as a prominent Harlem daughter and active in the early civil rights movement...and they all used to visit their house. She grew up sitting on their knees, playing with their kids and as a teen, listening to their conversations.
One of the little gems she passed on once is a discussion of how amazed they were how easy white folks could be manipulated simple by calling them a racist. They would work for them for nothing just to prove they were not. They acknowledged that this ease of intimidation was the key to much of what they did...not overcoming the real bad guys.


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