Jun 8, 2011

Re: Weiner’s downfall a reminder of perils of Jewish pride | JTA - Jewish & Israel News


Jewish pride?

Pride is not the same as arrogance.

Jews are arrogant.

To them us non-jews are but cattle created solely for their benefit.

Read what Martin Luther (the real one) had to say about the jews. 

None of your Evangelical / Pentecostal preachers ever shrieks about it because of 1) ignorance since they don't read anything other than the bible and interpret it capriciously to their captive boobs, and / or 2) they are part of the jewish conspiracy to enslave the world.

Weiner's problem is that in broadcasting his wiener in such a reckless manner he was blatantly announcing to the world that jews can do anything they want, bringing therefore the limelight on the charade that jews play a level field and that they are law-abiding citizens, just like the cattle who put them in public office.

He won't be forgiven for giving the game away. 

Manuel Sotil

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